Big, exciting changes: I’m joining ReadWriteWeb!

Jared joins ReadWriteWeb

I’m very happy to announce that I’m officially joining ReadWriteWeb as their full-time Webmaster starting on October 5. (Check out Richard MacManus’s tweet announcing my hire.) I don’t know if text can appropriately convey how excited I am to work with such a high-quality and well-respected publication on a full-time basis, but I suspect a video would just be downright embarrassing and ultimately detrimental to my “personal brand.” ;) I’ve been working with RWW part-time since April on a variety of small projects, and when the opportunity arose for me to work with them full-time, I knew it would be a good fit going forward. The crew at ReadWriteWeb is brilliant, and if you don’t read them, you’re missing out on fantastic analysis and commentary on this wild, wild Web we all find ourselves in.

The ReadWriteWeb move ends a six-year chapter for me at College of Charleston, my alma mater and my employer since I was 19. I got started there in October 2003 as a student worker in the helpdesk; my initial assignment was primarily the preparation of Windows machines for deployment. My role at the helpdesk gradually expanded and I worked as a field technician for several years until I was hired as the College’s webmaster in June 2007. My time at the College shaped who I am — period. I’m so fortunate to have worked with excellent and downright fun folks at the College, where we did some fairly outstanding things, including a dramatically revamped website with not only a new design, but also a new content management system and supporting infrastructure to go with it. I’m really proud of what we did there. I’ll freely admit that it’s very hard to leave a place you’ve known for a good chunk of your life. However, the Web is in able hands there, and is in a good spot to move forward. And, for the Web-and-Linux-inclined, I do encourage you to apply for my old job when it comes out. I’ll tweet when the job becomes available.

The Twitter response has been incredible. Thank you, everybody. :) A lot of people are wondering if I’m staying in Charleston; and that answer is yes — for now, anyway. ReadWriteWeb operates virtually; our meeting room is Skype-based, for instance, and we’re spread out all over the world. (Founding editor Richard MacManus lives in New Zealand, for example.) The job’s virtual nature is very advantageous in that I won’t have to move at all — and who likes to move? So, I’ll be in Charleston for a while yet, I suspect. I’ll still be fully active in Social Media Club, and hope to continue contributing to the good work that we’re doing with nurturing and expanding the local tech community.

More to come here, including updates on BarCampCHS and what we’re doing with SMC — stay tuned!

As Per Whatever

A recap of the CofC media forum on Thursday

Last Thursday, I attended the Communication Advisory Council program put on by the College of Charleston’s Department of Communication entitled Traditional vs. New Media: The Times They Are A-Changin’. I have blogged about the Advisory Council before — they are a group of prominent professionals in the communication field who take time out to assist students in honing their skills. They are an absolute blast to work with, too, and Thursday was no exception.

As Per Whatever Weather

March Madness of a different type…

It’s one heck of a busy night/morning for the National Weather Service. Lots of warnings going up everywhere. These storms just love to rotate…we have a tornado watch for a few more hours. I’ve been taking some screenshots of GRLevel3 tonight and sharing them on a Facebook album called Tornado Vortex Signatures (And Other NEXRAD Phenomena). It’s open to the public, so please, feel free to peek. :)

I would have blogged during the day, but the Internet connection at the College was out all day. A vital piece of hardware at the College’s ISP failed and they had to ship down a new part. In other words, they were carrying replacement tubes for the Internet(s) inside a big truck. Haha.

See you all tomorrow. Be careful driving over the bridge(s) — it’s going to be pretty windy for the next few hours…

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Pre-Class Briefing

Good morning folks…we’re still in a “Potentially Dangerous Situation.” Well, “Danger” is my middle name. (William, too, but I digress.) I caught some impressive stuff on the radars out of Missouri and Kansas last night — let’s hope that stuff trends away from here.

Last night I made the final steps toward getting the CofC IT pages ready for launch, and it appears that they did indeed get revealed to the world this morning. While I had little input on the design, I took care of a LOT of the plumbing. I likened it to getting in a field of about 1500 cats and trying to round them up and get them to sit straight. Very difficult. You can see the fruits of our labor here. You might recognize the student worker who was recognized…

It’s just so nice to have a refreshing rush of normalcy — and on that note, off to class I go.

Catch you all later…

As Per Whatever

Quashing taboo, or perhaps something more?

I was up at the Stern Center getting a bite to eat today (the only fast food in walking distance, after all) and saw that the VOX “passion party”, a unique and creative way to attract attention to reproductive health and rights issues, was unexpectedly canceled. Further investigation revealed that the College’s administration made the decision to shut down the event in what appears to be the 11th hour. VOX president Kaytlin Bailey is withholding comment at this time but will be making a statement soon. That’s all I know right now — I’m very, very curious to hear more soon, particularly why the administration would decide to shut down an event that, in the past, has been permitted to go on despite its controversial nature. This indicates to me that these prior parties were done in good taste and had educational value, so I am at a loss as to why this year is somehow different. What really blows my mind is that the administration had to be apprised of the party because it was being held in College facilities. It’s very odd. Was the administration spooked by the George Street Observer? Did a parent find out about it and complain? Hopefully some light will be shed on this soon, because this just adds a little more chill to the air, if you know what I mean…

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A late night in the office…

Well, it’s a late night in the office tonight. This evening marks the first time CofC has offered classroom support past 5:30 that included an actual direct phone call. Soooo, I get to be part of one giant experiment. Apparently it’ll be quiet on these nights, but you never really know when it comes to technological emergencies. I’ve gotta say, it’s a little weird being the only one in the office. Haha. All the lights are out except in the shop, which pretty much signifies that “I’m the man now, dog.” Thus, Extreme is playing at a low volume (so I can listen out for the phone ring).

I just hope the rain and the markedly colder weather hold off until after, say, 10:15PM or so, when I get to check out. The hour-by-hour breakdown on suggests it’ll be 52 downtown with cloudy conditions when I leave here. Let’s hope they’re on with that one. I don’t want to get caught in frigid, wet weather with only a sweater-shirt and khakis. My cold tolerance is admittedly faint below about 50 degrees or so, and when rain’s mixed in…look out. Very low on the Valuemeter. I really, really hope the icing scenario doesn’t play out. That stuff just isn’t fun at all. I’ll never forget driving to Greenwood from Charleston that March night in 2003, after getting back from San Diego for my grandmother’s memorial — by the time I arrived, my car was covered in ice and it took quite a bit of force to get out. That was nuts, especially for someone not versed in winter weather at all. Of course, the next month up there, we had tornado warnings on what seemed like a daily basis.

Last night was productive. I popped into the new Tanger Outlet in North Charleston, armed with a gift card that I received for Christmas. I left with four pairs of pants and four shirts (including the sweater-shirt I’m currently wearing) from the Gap for a shade under $130, most of which was absorbed by the gift card. Clearances really are a beautiful thing. It’s also nice to finally have some recent new clothing, to boot.

Everyone was extra nice to me at work today after the Chargers’ loss. I wonder why. :P

Hope you all have an enjoyable evening — catch you on the flip side of the front!


It’s Saturday, the first day of the final weekend before a week or two of piledriver-free final exams.

As Per Whatever


No, I’m not talking about part of the chorus to “Feuer Frei” by Rammstein — I’m talking about the constant banging of piledrivers right next to College Lodge for the new fine arts center at the corner of Calhoun and St. Philip. It’s been driving many students bonkers, and with the impending final exams, a petition is being sent around by Student Government to put a temporary halt to the construction so that students can study for and take their final exams in peace. Apparently this is drawing a bit more attention outside of the usual student circles. Here’s part of a message from SGA Senator Seaton Brown, sent via the Facebook group aptly titled HELP STOP THE POUNDING!, about some additional press coming SGA’s way on this issue, which can only be a good thing:

Also, Channel 2 News knows about the petition and a reporter from Post and Courier was at Senate tonight- so it sounds like we’re making some news! So tell all your friends and sign the petition! Thanks!

Let’s hope some sanity is restored to the campus for at least a few weeks. The piledriving is hella annoying, and can literally be heard across the entire campus. If it weren’t for the hustle and bustle of Calhoun St., I’m sure I’d hear it from my Ashley Ave. apartment, too.

Kudos to SGA for taking action on this on behalf of the student body — my many thanks to you.

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A bargain!

I can’t wait for this bargain to hit my tuition bill next year. Let’s hope that Dr. Benson pulls in the dough as he’s reputed to be able to do, because more tuition hikes will just make my life that much harder. I mapped out my future today and I’m pleased to report that I appear to be down to about three more semesters, which is more than manageable, especially considering the changing of my major so late in my career.

November 1st

Welcome to November…six days until the nastiest political campaign I can ever remember will (hopefully) be settled. A few thoughts:

  • It sure seems wrong that I am going to be wearing shorts today. With a high near the coast estimated around 75, it’s going to be quite a beautiful day. Enjoy today and tomorrow, for Friday will bring along the winds of change: a northwesterly flow which will cool us right down to where we were during the middle of last week. Expect it to get warm again next Tuesday, though…so bizarre.
  • If you’re at CofC, check out the Sustainable Campus Initiative folks behind Addlestone today. They’re doing a lightbulb exchange (exchange standard lightbulbs for flourescent ones) and have a branded coffee mug deal where you can get the mug and take it into select local coffeeshops and get a discount for not using their paper cups. It’s really good stuff, and I strongly recommend everyone stops in there.
  • Also at CofC, incoming president Dr. George Benson and his wife, Jane, will be doing a welcoming ceremony at Alumni Hall. I’m disappointed that my schedule won’t permit me to attend this event — I’d like to see how this guy is. Apparently he’s a really good fundraiser — let’s hope they got him for more than his fundraising prowess, though.
  • I hope everyone had a safe Halloween weekend. On Saturday, I went up to Tom’s (as usual) and did an impromptu party with them. It was fun. My costume? A far-thinner and hairier version of the Tourette’s Guy (warning, EXTREMELY vulgar!!!). No, I didn’t get off on an incoherent rant like he does in his videos, but I did have the khakis, the authentic Tony the Tiger t-shirt, and a neckbrace. It was pretty classic, if confusing to about 98% of America. I didn’t get any trick or treaters last night — at least none that I was aware of. I was up in the office researching Vista stuff until 8:30 or so. That, coupled with a paper for my Biology lab, pretty much killed any idea of going out last night (though it almost happened). Speaking of which — does anyone out there in IT have any insights about deploying Vista in their enterprise? I’m curious to see what the rest of the world is doing.

I may catch you all a little later tonight, as at this point I don’t foresee any other major assignments coming down the pike (but never say never…)