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I worked the weekend.

I helped students set up wireless and antivirus on their computers this weekend. Several observations:

  • I worked with 16 of the self-proclaimed “worst people ever with computers”. They all could turn the machine on, thus disqualifying them from this dubious distinction.
  • Students are buying Macs. BIGTIME. Last year there were maybe two or three; this year about one in three had a Mac. I kid you not. I wonder what the Mac adoption rates are at other colleges. Most of them were using the Mac for the first time, too, and they liked it. Not only that, I could turn a Mac person around in five minutes (wireless and antivirus), versus the 20 minutes for Windows, wading through a maze of preinstalled software.
  • Wow, PC makers really love to lump a bunch of software no one will EVER use on a new machine now. Hell, I love sports and have not once ever used ESPN Motion, but yet it was preinstalled on every Toshiba I saw. So much for Microsoft’s vision in 2001 of a “clean, uncluttered Windows XP desktop.”
  • If the number of people getting their computers set up was any indication, the out-of-balance girl to guy ratio at CofC is as out of balance as ever.

I’m off for one more day and then — yes — classes start tomorrow. It’s kind of scary, really. I haven’t done this in over a year. Should be fun though.

A moratorium on social interaction and other random items

Today I’m declaring a moratorium on being social, as shutting myself in my house (aside from going to work of course) for the next ~25 days or so will cost a lot less money than going out every so often. So yeah, expect lots of unusual and occasionally informative posts in this space in the coming month.

I’m quite thrilled that Gregg Marshall has been hired as the CofC basketball coach. This is very positive all around for the College, from the players’ academics to fundraising contributions by boosters, and just generating more excitement with the fans. Indeed, the reaction around the unofficial CofCFans.com discussion board is that of celebration and approval. I agree — this is a fantastic hire. User chascougs sums it all up: “Jerry [Baker, athletic director] and Co. you got it right this time.” Whoooooooops.

I need to roll out WordPress 2.0.3 here shortly. That’ll probably happen this weekend. I’m also getting light bulbs and a six-foot ladder — I have yet to have overhead lights since I moved into my new apartment. LOL. It’s not bad, really — I’m a low-light kind of person, though having lots of light available will be very useful. Unpacking more boxes would be useful, too. I’m not sure if I’m ever getting a computer desk. LOL. The picnic table is small but working out just fine for the moment. I should take pictures of that sometime.

The Padres are back to first in the NL West, one and a half games up on the Dodgers, who’ve dropped three straight. There’s a four and a half game spread between first and last in the West – awful tight division this year. .500 ball won’t cut it this time (thankfully!). Don’t get me started on the Braves — they should fire the entire bullpen. Jorge Sosa’s two closing appearances have been decent though. We’ll see. The Mets have a twelve-game pad between first and second place — barring a major collapse and a major miracle by the other NL East teams, that’s a pretty insurmountable lead. But it’s only late June, and there’s a lot of ball left to be played. Finally, my best get well wishes to baseball writer Peter Gammons, who suffered a brain aneurysm Tuesday morning. He’s in good condition at the ICU so that’s very promising news. Here’s to a speedy recovery!