In Brief


So, I hope everyone is prepared for the mid to upper 30s for lows over the next few days. I swear, we only know extremes here. Spring and Fall seem to last a total of 10 days combined. It seems awful early to have such a severe cold snap, too, especially considering yesterday it was 77. Yikes.


Deploying the thermals…

I’ll let the Weather STAR 4000 Emulator tell the story on tomorrow’s weather in the Southeast.

Deep Freez(e)

Needless to say, the thermals are coming out tomorrow for my early-morning walk to campus. I may even modify my route so I don’t get blasted by the wind tunnel courtesy of Rutledge Tower. I would really love to grab a handheld anemometer and measure the wind in various locations around Charleston. (I would also like to get a handheld altimeter so when my friends ask me where I am, I could tell them a location as well as my altitude, but I digress.) Tomorrow will be the trifecta of rain, cold, and high wind — in other words, the weather I oh-so detest. Le sigh.

I hope everyone’s safe tomorrow driving, especially inland. Looks like this icing has a potential to be a real problem. We shall see.


Bundle up, drip your faucets, etc…

…for tonight, Old Man Winter will be…erm…exhaling on Charleston in a major way. Let’s let the National Weather Service tell the story:

…Coldest air of the season expected tonight and then again Friday

An Arctic airmass moving into the area is expected to result in the
coldest air of the season tonight…followed by an even colder night
Friday night.

Even though it is expected to not be as cold tonight as Friday
night…factoring in the wind late tonight will make it feel like
around 15 degrees above zero in most areas away from the immediate

The record low for downtown Charleston for Friday…32f set in
1977…could be eclipsed by daybreak.

The current forecast of low temperatures Saturday morning are in the
lower 20s at the Charleston and Savannah airports. Also…the record
low in downtown Charleston for Saturday is 29f…set in 1968.

If low temperatures are just a degree or two lower than currently
anticipated…Saturday morning could be the coldest in nearly two
years at the Charleston Airport and nearly 4 years at the Savannah
Airport. The record low temperatures of 22 for Saturday at
Charleston Airport and 20 at Savannah Airport that were set in 1968
have the potential to be broken.

I’m hoping to see some of the cooler weather come this way, if only to validate the correctness of the weather station — Friday night, the temperature didn’t dip under 45 degrees. Bizarre. I know it can record cooler temperatures, and it seems really unlikely that I’ve got an uber-heat island. We shall see…