Notes from my real-time research session at College of Charleston

I was fortunate to give a session about research in the age of the real-time Web yesterday at the College of Charleston’s Addlestone Library as part of the library’s LITE series of technology seminars. Here are my notes from yesterday’s session, with links to other goodies as well.

In Brief Technology

Collecta’s blog shows citizen news reporting in action

The Collecta blog has posted a neat case study about the Charleston flooding that happened a couple weeks ago, and how people used Collecta to tie together information from places like TheDigitel and @chswx (the Charleston Weather Twitter account I run) to keep up to date on the situation. I’m a big fan of Collecta, and an even bigger fan of the power of real-time technology to enable community journalism, so this case study is a fantastic. Also, if you haven’t read it already, Christopher Zorn’s account of his usage of Collecta to guide his family through the floods is another great example.