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11PM advisory: Lifting northward

Hanna’s starting to lift northward of Charleston. The 11PM fix put it roughly about 60 miles east-southeast of Charleston, and I’m willing to bet it’s pulled even or even slightly north of Charleston now, based on some of the radar I’ve been looking at. The advisory also says that it’s moving north at 20; however, I’m seeing strong indications that the turn to the northeast has begun and is now moving in that direction. Landfall is expected just north of Myrtle Beach within the next few hours.

The advisory canceled the tropical storm warning south of Edisto; I could see this being whittled back even further as time goes on. The Hurricane Watch for our area was also discontinued. There’s a chance Hanna could still become a hurricane — it’s been trying to form an eyewall for the past couple hours, and the pressure is as low as you’ll ever see for a tropical storm — but shear is and dry air are giving it one hell of a fight.

Hanna’s dropped plenty of beneficial rain on the Charleston area. The usual spate of flooding has happened; but this happens whenever it rains normally, much less when a tropical system swings through.

I’ll be interested to hear what comes of the postmortem from Hanna. This has been one heck of a storm for many reasons, whether it be its odd track deviations or its odd strengthening habits. It’s been a great learning experience, as well.

I probably won’t be awake for landfall. Here’s hoping that folks in Myrtle Beach and throughout North Carolina come through alright; I suspect things will be okay, though. This storm’s moving incredibly quickly, so widespread flooding won’t be a major issue, and the winds probably won’t get past Category 1, much less tropical storm force.

For now, this will sign off the advisory-by-advisory posting for the Charleston area for Hanna. I’ve made this official by cracking a beer.

I’ll have a recap of Hanna sometime tomorrow or Sunday; right now, I need rest before coverage ramps up for Ike, which is a damn dangerous, scary, and beautiful storm.

A guide to my Hanna coverage

For the foreseeable future, the blog is in hurricane mode. I’ve revamped the weather page and returned the conditions feed to the site as well as in the Weather popdown menu. Another noticeable change is that I’ve created a video page right here within the site so that you don’t have to navigate far to get to one of my Hanna chats. You can keep tabs on Hanna posts here by following the Hanna tag using RSS. Posts made by the Charleston Weather Twitter account as well as my own personal account relating to Hanna will be hashtagged as #hanna appropriately. Generally, status messages concerning conditions will be relayed through @chswx; stuff I might experience during the storm or one-off thoughts will be sent out through @jaredwsmith. Hopefully, this primer will help folks keep up with what I produce as Hanna approaches.