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Apologies for the Crash

Unfortunately, for a couple days it looks like none of you were able to get your fix of largely outdated blog posts. I’m not terribly sure why the pool for was trying to allocate a metric crap-ton of memory, but I’ve got it all fixed and running some newer stuff as well, including a rather nice upgrade from Linode (for free!) that will help me do some more interesting number-crunching on weather data.


Tragedy in Beaufort

CNN TV is reporting that a Navy Blue Angels plane, in the midst of precision maneuvers, went down in a Beaufort neighborhood, with several house fires started as a result. No sign of what happened with the pilot yet. Weather couldn’t have been a factor — it’s really calm out with very clear skies. Frightening…details to follow.


The word is that the plane clipped a tree and a cataclysmic set of events followed. FOX News says that the plane just lost power and went down. The Beaufort County Coroner says one person is dead, but they won’t say who — FOX also has reason to believe that the pilot indeed was killed. There’s been no sign of an ejection or anything.

WCSC has picked up the story and has been running a crawl below the PGA event. MSNBC is…well, silent, running their documentary in lieu of coverage.