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Closing the Charleston Weather blog

I regret to report that I am shutting down the Charleston Weather blog after a year and a half of frustratingly infrequent blogging. A dedicated weather blog should be updated more than a few times a month, and that just wasn’t happening (nor would my current workload allow it). Thus, I opted to shut it down rather than continue to prominently feature outdated information.

This certainly does not mean I’m going to shut up about the weather. The is alive and well and will absolutely continue (it’s where most of the energy I’d use for blogging goes). is my conduit for Charleston weather-related speculation and discussion, and the Charleston Weather website will continue to offer up the temperature and current sky conditions in big, bold fonts. (I have plans for more enhancements to that site as well.)

If you are dying to read about Charleston’s weather in detail with updates multiple times a day, look no further than the official Area Forecast Discussion from the National Weather Service in Charleston. The AFD is pretty detailed and if you’re into weather, you will learn tons.

Thanks to those who read the blog! I look forward to continuing to serve you on Twitter and