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Moved in.

Over the last month or so I’ve been in the process to relocate to a new apartment. Today, I’m finally in, online (on the floor) and everything.

Good times.

Time to rest…

Forums Update

I’m going to hold off on doing the forums for just a little while longer, as it was announced that, amazingly, the first beta of phpBB 3.0.0 will be arriving soon.

I hope you guys enjoy the little glassy effects I applied to the little tabular dingdongs this evening. :)

A stream of consciousness…

Tammy’s still raining on us, and won’t stop until – naturally – Monday.

Braves won tonight – but please, AP, don’t say that Smoltz “out-dueled” Clemens tonight. C’mon. I define a pitcher’s duel as a 1-0 game where both pitchers go very close to going the distance – not a 7-1 blowout that saw the Rocket get lit up pretty well in his six innings tonight. What a postseason debut for Brian McCann! Nothing like hitting a three-run homer in your first apperance in the postseason, much less against quite possibly one of the best pitchers of our era. And Smoltz is still unbelievable.

Padres stunk up Busch Stadium again. Here’s hoping they can win at least one at Petco to at least make things somewhat interesting.

What a busy weekend coming up, it looks like. Such is life, though. Keeping myself busy is a good, good thing. It keeps me from dwelling on things.

I can’t wait for payday. Then again, who can?


T.S. Tammy is now spinning off the Florida coast. While it won’t become a hurricane, it’s still going to bring us dreary, rainy, crappy weather for the next few days. Flooding’s a good possibility. I’m glad my car is in front of my house…