As Per Whatever

Chargers finish 14-2, clinch the AFC home field advantage!

The San Diego Chargers won’t leave San Diego for the duration of the playoffs except, God willing, to go to Miami for the Super Bowl. ;) It came at a price, though — both Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson — winner of this year’s NFL rushing title — got injured in the game. Good thing they’ve got that first-round bye to rest up. Hopefully they’ll be alright.

Kudos to Jake Delhomme, for coming back for his first game in a month and ending on a high note as the Panthers beat the Saints in a pretty meaningless game. It’s something to build on, at least. Rumors are swirling that Keyshawn Johnson is seriously pondering retirement — check out Jay Glazer’s report. I’ll talk more about the Panthers as the offseason moves begin.

This 49ers/Denver game is like watching a football game in 1997 — primitive graphics, standard definition cameras, no yellow line…eep! Good game though — in fact, Joe Nedney just hit a 36-yarder to win the game, and just like that, the Broncos are out of the playoffs. The Chiefs are in as a result. Crazy. I kind of wanted the Broncos to get in, because the Chargers beat ’em convincingly both times. The 49ers’ Frank Gore is an impressive runner — I haven’t seen much of him this season. Alex Smith has clearly come a long way (quietly, too!), and Jay Cutler clearly feeds off high pressure, but it just wasn’t enough for Cutler today. Good things will happen for him, though.

The Lions and Dallas…well, that’s why Week 17 is always interesting. Wonder what (Really) Drew Bledsoe will have to say on the subject. ;)

Tonight will be a Brett Favre orgy on Sunday Night Football as the Packers travel to Soldier Field to meet up with the Bears. This game is pretty meaningless, too, as the NFC playoff field is settled and the Packers are out, and the Bears have had the number one seed wrapped up for a while now.

So that’s it for Week 17…going to record tonight’s game. I’m off to get ready to do…something. I think.