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Windows Mobile 6 announced…but…

Microsoft has officially announced Windows Mobile 6 today. All indications are that it is a home run in terms of reliability and usability over previous versions of Windows Mobile. T-Mobile Dash users are lucky, too — they’ll get an upgrade. Sadly for those who own or are looking to own a Samsung BlackJack (like myself), there are no indications that an upgrade will be available.

So what do I do now? I want to upgrade my phone to the BlackJack, but now that it appears WM6 isn’t coming to the hardware, I’m really feeling as if I should hold out until the end of this year to upgrade my phone. This is disappointing and may — and you know, I think it should — ignite quite a firestorm in Samsung and Cingular’s direction. The device is only four months old; why not offer an upgrade? Hell, I’d gladly pay for it, and I know I’m not the only one. Sadly though, this is a cell phone carrier we’re talking about here.