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I’m fearing for David Carr’s mental health

The last part of this AP article (via ESPN) is just shocking to me:

The fans turned on Carr and the Panthers quickly. After Carr’s third-down pass was batted down near the end zone, John Kasay kicked a 29-yard field goal to cut the halftime deficit to 10-6.

But not before fans started chanted “We want Moore.”

“It’s not like we were purposely trying to not score points,” Carr said. “They were chanting ‘More’ — that they wanted more points. And we were trying to give it to them.”

Moore, by the way, is Panthers third quarterback Matt Moore, an undrafted rookie. And yes, I want Moore too.

Anyone with any sense knows that it’s time to bench Carr, not just because he’s ineffective, but also out of concern for his own safety, because he is clearly delirious from all the hits he’s taken as a result of him holding the ball eight seconds in the pocket every friggin’ down. How can he possibly believe that the chant was anything but a call for the backup? I’d put him on IR at this point, I think — too many blows to the head. After the season’s over, I’d cut him. He is not part of the solution.

People will say the Panthers’ defense isn’t as good this year. Statistically, they’re not, but considering they’re always on the field, I can understand why they look worn, weary, and exhausted every game. They’re just not given an opportunity to stay off the field for any period of time, it’s as simple as that.

On an aside, keep Sean Taylor of the Redskins in your thoughts. He was shot at his house early Monday during an apparent burglary. His troubled past aside, this is a guy who’s been doing a remarkable job getting his life back on the right track — and he almost had it all taken away Monday morning in front of his girlfriend and daughter in his own home. He’s still in critical condition (he lost a lot of blood and apparently flatlined twice during surgery), but the fact that he’s made it this far is certainly reassuring.

UPDATE: Sadly, Taylor passed away early this morning. Very, very tragic…

The Big Game (and a couple little ones, too)

This is one of those Lousy Football Days that I will just care to forget…

  • David Carr is not the answer for the Panthers. Period. He may be a warm body at the quarterback position, but there’s nothing that tells me he knows how to win. This is his second start where a touchdown in garbage time avoided the shutout. I hope Vinny gets better soon, and if not, then it’s time to call it a season and put Matt Moore in. Carr was, fairly, given a second chance outside of Houston, but he’s just rattled, porous line or otherwise.
  • It’s too bad the Titans are in the Colts’ division. They’ve played all-out gritty football this year. I have to give kudos to a team that keeps its head coach around longer than three years, too. Jeff Fisher is one of the good ones.
  • John Fox embodies the definition of insanity: Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. More David Carr starts will result in more near-shutouts. He is not directing that offense. Fox needs to put away his blind loyalty to his starters and put Carr on the bench.
  • Whatever comes of Jake Delhomme’s recovery from Tommy John surgery, it’s time for the Panthers to think very hard about drafting a quarterback next April, just in case.
  • Something’s wrong with John Kasay. I don’t know what it is, but he is not as automatic as he used to be.
  • And here I thought the Chargers were making progress. Instead, they lose to a 2-5 team and give up 296 yards to one player, Antonio Cromartie’s NFL-record 109-yard short field goal return notwithstanding.
  • Brad Childress had better be awful careful not to burn out Adrian Peterson now. That’s a weapon he’ll want around for years to come. There are so many great running backs that have had their careers cut far too short because of being worked too hard (Terrell Davis, Jamal Anderson, and soon, Cadillac Williams, for starters)
  • The Packers are 7-1. The Lions are 6-2. No, I can’t believe it either.
  • The Saints will still win the NFC South. They are most definitely back on track.
  • …and yes. The Game. It was a good one, too — one the Patriots should have probably lost — but they kept plugging away. Make no mistake, they beat a good team that largely outplayed them most of the day, and yet they found a way to win. The Patriots proved today they can win ugly. This team has the best chance I’ve seen at going 16-0.
  • The disgusted look on Peyton Manning’s face as Brady was kneeling to finish the game really said it all. I can’t say I blame him.

David Carr is out of his mind

I find it hilarious that David Carr still thinks he should start for the Panthers at quarterback when Vinny Testaverde, who studied the Panther offense for a grand total of four days after getting off his couch, ran it much better than Carr ever has during the duration of this season. Carr looked lost in his starts, he held the ball way too long (his offensive line is no longer an excuse), and he paid a physical penalty. He’s clearly still rattled in the pocket, and should not be starting.

Yes, I realize Vinny’s won one game, and was against the Cardinals — not exactly a defensive juggernaut. But I would much rather have the veteran Testaverde starting against the Colts in two weeks versus Carr, who claims that he should start because he saw the Colts twice a year in the AFC South. (He didn’t mention that he only won one of the games on a last second field goal.) Even a broken clock is right twice a day, after all.

The media is going to frame this as a quarterback controversy, but there’s no controversy — Testaverde needs to be the starter.