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What’s old is new again

I decided to dust off my Twenty Twelve child theme for jaredwsmith.com from years ago and reimplement it with a little custom CSS. The more I look at Twenty Seventeen, the more I realize just how heavy it is. My aesthetic preferences lean far more minimalistic than they used to, and I find Twenty Twelve does an excellent job at scratching this itch — even in 2016 and beyond.

I love one tweak in particular: I’m now using system fonts for WebKit and Blink-based browsers. System fonts have gotten ridiculously good in the last few years. The performance and readability benefits make sacrificing some typographical creative license absolutely worth it.

The beginning of the end of status update conformity at Facebook

Facebook changing the size of the font in the news feed is half the story. I find it more fascinating that Facebook status updates now start on their own line, and not next to a person’s name (at least on the general feed; the Wall continues to use the old design). It’s the end of an era for syntactical conformity at Facebook.

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More on designing backgrounds for New Twitter

Designers are doing their best to adapt to New Twitter, but I still think trying to pin down a background image that would be hidden on many small-screen laptop/netbook resolutions is going to be a losing battle in the long run. Sure, do something cool and creative back there, but don’t rely on the image for conveying critical information. That’s what the Bio field is for.

Archives Upgraded

I gave the archives a well-deserved spit-shine today in a couple ways. First, the archives page is far less fugly, complete with an AJAX calendar (here’s the plugin I used from Urban Giraffe) for browsing purposes. If you jump into a monthly archive (give January 2009 a shot), there’s a link to expand and collapse a large post calendar so you can jump directly to the day. You can browse between months with it, and it uses cookies to remember if you’ve opened or closed it. Now to salvage the rest of my day…I haven’t been outside yet, and I know it’s been great out.