Bye Bye, Bertha, Hello Dolly

It’s been a pretty busy July, wouldn’t you say? As the National Hurricane Center stopped advisories today on Bertha, which has been around since July 3, Tropical Storm Dolly sprouted up from a wave in the Caribbean. It skipped the depression phase and just went right to being a tropical storm, which is a bit unusual but it got itself together in a hurry. It’s going to run into the Yucatan and dump a bunch of rain before crossing into the Gulf of Mexico. Slow strengthening is expected…we’ll see what happens.

And as for Cristobal? While it stopped affecting Charleston late last night, it’s now dumping some rain on the Outer Banks. It’s lost a little intensity and isn’t expected to gain much more as it continues to move northeast. NHC is expecting it to accelerate away in the next day or so and lose tropical characteristics.

I definitely get the feeling this is going to be a busier year than we’ve seen in the last couple years. Just gotta stay vigilant…