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Anatomy of a WordPress Hack

So I’ll set the scene for you:

Disgruntled College of Charleston fan, home after witnessing a loss to Elon of all teams, wants to sit down, sip on some Gatorade, and work on his Facebook “25 Random Things” meme post because seven of his friends have now tagged him and he just wants to END IT (and terrorize additional people with said meme).

So, he sits down and begins writing his post, when he wants to refer to a post on his blog for some of the answers. He finds a strange white space in his layout that makes zero sense whatsoever. He goes and checks the source code…and OMG. Keywords. Lots and lots of keywords. Viagra, tablets, medicine — you name it, it was there. Site: Compromised.

Oh, and that guy? That was me.

A rough month for DreamHost!

DreamHost, the hosting provider for and about 95% of the other Web things I operate, has had a rough July thanks to the brownouts and such in Los Angeles. Their extremely detailed blog entry shows that they are sincerely working hard to try to mitigate any future disasters, and gives some insight into just how tough it is to run a massive hosting operation such as Dreamhost. It’s a great read, highly recommended.