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Serious Business: Browsers, e(vil)Harmony, more…

Serious Business pays tribute to Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, who both passed away this weekend, talks about browser compatibility, and then goes off on some strange tangent — as usual — about eHarmony, DOING IT LIVE, and how bad it is that Brett Favre gets more play than the Olympics over here.

Don’t just take my word for it. Video after the jump. Continue reading

The (Attempted) Summer of Love

So over this summer I decided that I was going to try to get back “out there,” so to speak — where “there” is the wonderful world of dating. Because I am incredibly shy and somewhat geeky, I turned to the trusty Internet(s) as a potential method of at least meeting people that perhaps I wouldn’t normally meet. It worked the first time I got involved with it, so logic followed that I should try there again. I found, however, that the landscape of dating on the Internet(s) has significantly changed over the last few years. From that point on, this evolved as less of an attempt to meet girls as it was a true study of online dating as a whole. Continue reading