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Testing a change in the Facebook social contract

If you are so inclined (and we are not Facebook friends), you can now subscribe to my public updates there. I’m still a little skeptical of this fundamental change in the way Facebook operates — effectively putting the final nails in the coffin of the original Facebook social contract — and so I reserve the right to turn this off at any time. (Truth be told, Google+ is way better for long-form social networking.) I’m more curious to see how well it works — I feel like it could be confusing. If you want to read more about it, ReadWriteWeb founder Richard MacManus goes in-depth with it (and demonstrates how it works via my profile).

The beginning of the end of status update conformity at Facebook

Facebook changing the size of the font in the news feed is half the story. I find it more fascinating that Facebook status updates now start on their own line, and not next to a person’s name (at least on the general feed; the Wall continues to use the old design). It’s the end of an era for syntactical conformity at Facebook.

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Resistance is futile

The new Facebook stuff is pretty cool (I’ve already rolled out Like buttons on each ReadWriteWeb article), but I cannot get the Mark Zuckerberg-as-Faceborg-King metaphor out of my head. Their intent is to be the underpinning of the social Web via their implants (erm, plugins) that will enhance our Web experience. I’m just waiting for a pseudo-cybernetic Sir Patrick Stewart to show up as Facebook’s spokesperson, that’s all.

A doozy of a weather day ahead

In advance of a doozy of a weather day, I’ve spent a portion of my evening revamping the Charleston Weather blog. I’ve installed the latest P2, Automattic’s excellent real-time WordPress theme, and I’ve also (with any luck) enabled PubSubHubbub for posts to the blog. Weather information is exactly what the real-time web is designed for, I think — tomorrow may be a great test of that. So, especially if you’re in Charleston, follow the blog tomorrow along with the alerts we’ll have on Twitter, Identi.ca, and Facebook. Hopefully things will turn out better than the strongly-worded alerts have been telling the story, but it’s tough to say.