As Per Whatever

Fall Break is plainly obvious

My buddy list is almost empty — it is quite clear that Fall Break has arrived at the College. I wonder how decimated my class’s attendance will be tomorrow. I’ll be working through Fall Break doing some training on a new content management system we’ll be bringing online, but I’ll still enjoy a couple days away from class. I’ll probably use the break time, during which nobody will likely be home, to get a few things done that I’ve desperately needed to do. I’ll try to get a few things implemented on this here site as well. Oh, and I need to figure out what I’m bringing to the LCB blognic Sunday.

As Per Whatever

Just a couple more classes left…

…and then, finally, Fall Break will have arrived. I cannot state the importance of this enough.

Clearly, my previous post (which I have since revised for, erm, sanity) indicates the need to keep me away from the cockpit of The Blog after several drinks. Perhaps I’ll need to invent a breathalyzer apparatus that renders my instant messaging programs, WordPress administration console, and Gmail completely inaccessible until it is satisfied that I am once again coherent enough to use the machine outside of watching the WeatherStar 4000 emulator (a new version was just released, by the way!) on repeat. I’m sure there are people who probably want this type of apparatus for their cell phones, as well. I’m lucky; my phone’s features easily distract me from using it for phone calls.

Right now I’m watching Addlestone Library computer staff disassemble an automatic stapler in an effort to revive it. This is epic, epic stuff. There were four people around the stapler at one point. I guess someone ripped a part critical to the operation of the stapler right out of it — wow. It’s a classic “wtf was that person thinking?” moment.

So I mentioned in my edited previous post that it’s quite chilly out. It’s even worse considering the wind we’re getting. It may be 48 degrees out but that doesn’t factor in the wind; with the wind enhancement, it’s closer to 35. It’s so windy, my weather station picked up an 18 mph gust overnight — this is significant, because it’s tough for me to get accurate wind readings on the station due to its location, so to get 18 mph is unheard of. It’s the highest wind I think I’ve recorded on it, actually. This is happening because the cold front that passed overhead will be stalling out east of here and interacting with the high pressure that’s building in. The resulting pressure gradient will, thus, be responsible for pumping in some chilly northeast wind. This is going to cause some issues with the tides, as well, this weekend, as it’s going to push the surf up a bit higher than normal and cause some shallow coastal flooding, according to the National Weather Service.

Other than that, there’s not much going on — I’m really looking forward to the break so I can get some stuff done around the apartment that I’ve been dying to do for a while now. I’m going to finish up some projects and get started on others — such is life.

In the coming days I’ll be putting together a position paper for how I want to vote in the elections on Tuesday and why, so stay tuned for that one.