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Fall is in the air, but tropical season isn’t over yet…

Something happened last night that hasn’t happened for several months — I felt cold.

Fall is definitely on the approach. While I won’t rule out one last resurgence of warmth in the next few weeks (this typically happens in Charleston, we can’t transition nicely into seasons here at all), we’re entering the second of the two periods of the year where Charleston’s weather is incredibly gorgeous. I’m talking high 70s to low 80s for highs, and low to mid-60s for lows.

While fall is generally more tame than spring severe weather-wise, there can still be elevated levels of severe weather, because the setup is similar to spring: strong cold fronts running into warm air, causing lift and storm formation. Now that we’re seeing fronts again, there could be some decent storms at times.

In the next week, at least, we’ll be keeping some cloudiness around with a chance of showers. There’s a disturbance southwest of here that’s been consistently kicking up some rain on long-range radar.

Hurricane season isn’t over yet: Invest 93L out there

Thankfully, the tropics have been much quieter since Ike roared ashore in Texas. However, a disturbance is trying to get it together in the Atlantic; the Hurricane Center has dubbed this one 93L for now and are watching it for development. As the model spread indicates, there is no shortage of computerized opinion about what this one’s going to do. The HWRF and GFDL models develop it and take it northward; GFDL curves it out to sea, but HWRF seems to keep it hanging around the islands and weakening it. Again, it’s early as heck, and it’s tough to say what will happen. Jeff Masters seems to think that this one will gradually get it together. Again, it’s always worth watching — a tough sell to a hurricane-fatigued populace, for sure.

In the meantime, enjoy the weather out there — it’s pretty gorgeous, if not a bit on the cloudy side.

A Sunday night core dump

I’m sitting here with a terrible case of selective writers’ block. I can write stream of consciousness in the blog all day long — which is what this is — but I’m struggling to write a movie review for my editing class. It’s due Wednesday but this is the only time I really have anything resembling energy for homework, which is surprising considering the emotional rollercoaster the NFL has been for the first two weeks. (I don’t want to say much about Week 2 beyond “the Cardiac Cats are BACK!” and “isn’t robbery illegal in Colorado?”) Continue reading

Surprise! It’s fall!

Fall most definitely took a grasp over the Charleston area overnight after that cold front went through yesterday. The airport, right now, is reporting 63°. I’m currently reporting 68°, while Snee Farm is reporting a crisp 63° as well, and Seabrook Island is reporting a devilishly delightful 66.6° this morning. Dew points, and thus humidity, will remain low today. The NWS is expecting a nice, dry, 80° day today — can’t complain! Icing on the cake: The strong wind shear has put the kibosh on anything trying to get going in the tropics. Very, very nice.

Keep an eye on all the Charleston weather stations to see how their temperatures progress throughout the day.

Quick blog…

Just a quick blog in the midst of studying…I hope everyone is ready for that first real good taste of Fall tomorrow. The humidity is the lowest it’s been in a long time, and it’s going to be beautiful all week into the weekend (yes, this means the blog-nic…) So yeah, folks, this is a rare occurrence here in Charleston. Definitely try to enjoy this mild, temperate weather!