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I can’t sleep…

…so I was checking out the hullabaloo over AOL’s announcement that their service has become free to broadband users. It’s kinda wild that they’re doing this, but not totally unexpected — their Internet access business is dragging them through the floor. It’s a smart move as Internet advertising is seeing a robust resurgence as a market force.

I have half a mind to set up a Windows XP virtual machine and install the AOL software on it to play around a bit. I never had full AOL as a kid (unlike a vast majority of my peers) so this might be a neat opportunity to go back and see what I missed (which, admittedly, probably is not much anymore, as most of the content is duplicated on the Internet). That, and I know virtually no one with full AOL now. It may be worth grabbing if only for the possibility of editing the “You’ve Got Mail.wav” and other fun files. LOL.