NFL Playoffs: The Divisional Round

This weekend marks the second round of the NFL playoffs. I’ve got a lot of personal pride and fandom running on this weekend (no money, though) as the Chargers and Panthers both play. Here’s hoping they’re not conspiring to make this weekend one gigantic heart attack. (Perhaps I should have rented a defibrillator for this weekend.) Without further ado, here’s what I think of the games. (Yes, I’m paying more attention to the teams that I’m rooting for — this isn’t supposed to be unbiased sports journalism, after all. :) )

As Per Whatever


Upset of the century. Wow. I’m pretty much speechless. Absolutely speechless.

Belichick’s arrogance finally caught up with him. On 4th and 13 in the 3rd quarter, instead of a 49-yard field goal try, he sent the offense onto the field to try to convert. They failed, and momentum stayed with the Giants. For such a “genius,” even this armchair quarterback knows that in games like this, you take the points that you can get. Had he gone for the field goal (and the try was successful, of course), we would be in overtime instead of the Lombardi Trophy presentation.

GREAT game, especially from a defensive standpoint. Whew.

Bring on baseball.

Rainy days are here again

248nm Reflectivity KCHS

It’s nice to finally get some rain around here for a change. We need whatever we can get. The green and orange blobs — if they hold together (which doesn’t always happen) — will definitely soak us for a bit. And that’s OK — it’s more of an excuse to stay in and code and do stuff. :)

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Bonds, LOL.

I can’t believe it’s such big news (by big news, I mean the top headline at!) that Barry Bonds won’t be playing for the Giants next year. He is such a defensive liability it borders on the ridiculous. Conventional wisdom states that the only teams sane enough to sign him would be American League teams in need of a (very good) DH. He will never play in the National League again, save for a few interleague matchups in NL ballparks, in which the team may stick him in left field so they can get his bat in the lineup.

Where might he end up? I might be able to see Oakland as a possibility if they cut Piazza loose. It’s a hop, skip, and a jump across the bay (though he is most decidedly not a Moneyball-esque transaction considering what he would command), so he wouldn’t have to uproot much. I can’t think of too many other teams that might take a chance on him, though. There aren’t too many American League teams hurting for a DH that I know of (admittedly, both of my favorite teams are in the National League so I will generally follow that league more closely).

And just think, if it weren’t for the DH, he’d be able to retire a year sooner and he’d probably spill the beans about just how he grew three cap sizes in a year…

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Now that’s what I call pitching!

Jake Peavy helped get the Padres off to a fine start, shutting down Barry Bonds and out-pitching Barry Zito enroute to a 7-0 shutout of the San Francisco Giants. I don’t think the Padres could have asked for a better start to the season with solid pitching and generating a great deal of offense against a dangerous Barry Zito. History shows, though, that Zito is not at his best on Opening Day, so I’m willing to chalk his performance today up to an aberration. Keeping Barry Bonds in the park is always a beautiful thing, too, especially after the spring he had.

One down, 161 to go…

As Per Whatever

Monitoring today’s NFL action…

Of the two games I can get right now, Colts @ Jaguars has been a much more compelling contest than the latest Panthers humiliation, at home against the Giants. This is a very, very interesting game — the Jaguars are up 37-17 right now, with 11:13 to go in the 4th quarter. If the Jaguars pull off the upset, the Chargers — pending their game at home against the Broncos at 4:30 — will be the number one seed in the AFC!!!

So yes, for today at least, my favorite of the two 1996 expansion teams is most definitely the Jaguars.

As for the Panthers, Chris Weinke is demonstrating why he’s a backup. He’s made some terrific throws and then he’s made some outright boneheaded plays. Put Basanez in, and FIRE DAN HENNING!