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I’m falling for Chrome

I’ve resisted Google Chrome over the last year, primarily because it hasn’t been extensible. Well, that’s all changed. I’m running the development version of Chrome, Chromium, on my Mac, and starting to add extensions to it. (You can’t add extensions to the “official” Mac beta.) The speed is incredible, and makes the formerly nimble Firefox feel like it’s got a boat anchor attached to it. If you’re frustrated with Firefox, Chrome is an increasingly good option for any platform — Windows, Mac, and Linux. Try it out.

Street View launches in a lot of South Carolina

Google Maps apparently launched Street View in a bunch of new places, including South Carolina. People are having a lot of fun with Street View, and rightfully so. It’s really awesome, if not a tad outdated: the Street View of parts of the College of Charleston campus, for instance, shows a parking lot that has been a construction site for the last year and a half.

Here’s my last downtown apartment — this one is within the last year or so, as those cars are my old roommates’. I can’t get my first downtown apartment — they didn’t get onto all of the side streets downtown with the Street View car, apparently. It’s still neat, though — it’s fun to try to guess the dates on these things. It’s also fun to chase the USF truck down Calhoun Street.

All in all, it’s fun when we get cool stuff like this because it usually takes a while. :) What do you think of Street View?

Thoughts on Cuil, In Pictures

Apparently some former Google folk decided they could do search better. Enter Cuil, which is becoming a synonym for fail.

ROC for Fail


  • Cuil does a number on Patrick’s iFroggy Network.
  • Someone, erm, sidestepped the Wikipedia neutrality guidelines in the Cuil article.
  • I’m quoted in Veronica Belmont’s analysis of Cuil.
  • The Girl Riot also points to my LinkedIn fail as an example of Cuil fail.
  • To be fair, things are improving a little bit, as I’m getting some more reliable results now. The “About Cuil” page no longer 404s, too. It still has a ways to go, and a lot of work to do both technically and in PR to overcome this absolutely terrible first impression.

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