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Welcome to November!

Editor’s note: I’m writing this from the BlackBerry. There may be related typographical errors; apologies in advance.

I’m on location at Mellow Mushroom downtown tonight, ringing in November after a reasonably successful Halloween. It’s amazing we’re so close to 2009. It’s amazing that next week, some sort of history will be made: We’ll have elected either the first black president or the first woman vice president. And, it’s amazing that I’m done with school in a month and a half.

October was a good, if not insanely busy, month. The highlight was absolutely ConvergeSouth and the Independent Bloggers’ Conference that followed. Head on over to Patrick’s blog for his epic roundup and awesome photos of me in front of a green screen.

I’ll have more when I’m on a bigger QWERTY. :)


My brother and I, Halloween 1991 or so.  I'm a cumulonimbus cloud.

My brother and I, Halloween 1991 or so. I'm a cumulonimbus cloud.

It’s Halloween again, which means it’s time to don a costume and run amok. It’s particularly helpful that it lands on a Friday night, and the weather is expected to be most excellent.

My plans for tonight? I’ll be headed back to Norm’s with Tom to commemorate the one-year anniversary of us being called nerds at one of the tables. We were both just not in the Halloween spirit last year, and so we spent that evening at Norm’s shooting breeze and downing pitcher after pitcher of cheap beer when the incident happened. I’ll be wearing something that deviates slightly from day-to-day wear; it’s not elaborate enough by any stretch to be considered a costume, though. (Photos will be forthcoming.) It screams “me,” though. See, I’m a big fan of costumes that really pull my personality out. The above photo is of my brother and I back in, oh, 1991 or so. I’m on the left. It’s my favorite costume ever; my mother turned me into a cumulonimbus cloud on my request. I’m not sure that there are too many other people who can say they were a towering supercell for Halloween AND won a prize in a costume contest. :)

What will you be doing tonight? If you’re not sure and you’re in Charleston, check out The Digitel’s Halloween roundup. You’ll find something. :)

Happy Halloween, everybody. Or, should I say — Happy Failoween.

November 1st

Welcome to November…six days until the nastiest political campaign I can ever remember will (hopefully) be settled. A few thoughts:

  • It sure seems wrong that I am going to be wearing shorts today. With a high near the coast estimated around 75, it’s going to be quite a beautiful day. Enjoy today and tomorrow, for Friday will bring along the winds of change: a northwesterly flow which will cool us right down to where we were during the middle of last week. Expect it to get warm again next Tuesday, though…so bizarre.
  • If you’re at CofC, check out the Sustainable Campus Initiative folks behind Addlestone today. They’re doing a lightbulb exchange (exchange standard lightbulbs for flourescent ones) and have a branded coffee mug deal where you can get the mug and take it into select local coffeeshops and get a discount for not using their paper cups. It’s really good stuff, and I strongly recommend everyone stops in there.
  • Also at CofC, incoming president Dr. George Benson and his wife, Jane, will be doing a welcoming ceremony at Alumni Hall. I’m disappointed that my schedule won’t permit me to attend this event — I’d like to see how this guy is. Apparently he’s a really good fundraiser — let’s hope they got him for more than his fundraising prowess, though.
  • I hope everyone had a safe Halloween weekend. On Saturday, I went up to Tom’s (as usual) and did an impromptu party with them. It was fun. My costume? A far-thinner and hairier version of the Tourette’s Guy (warning, EXTREMELY vulgar!!!). No, I didn’t get off on an incoherent rant like he does in his videos, but I did have the khakis, the authentic Tony the Tiger t-shirt, and a neckbrace. It was pretty classic, if confusing to about 98% of America. I didn’t get any trick or treaters last night — at least none that I was aware of. I was up in the office researching Vista stuff until 8:30 or so. That, coupled with a paper for my Biology lab, pretty much killed any idea of going out last night (though it almost happened). Speaking of which — does anyone out there in IT have any insights about deploying Vista in their enterprise? I’m curious to see what the rest of the world is doing.

I may catch you all a little later tonight, as at this point I don’t foresee any other major assignments coming down the pike (but never say never…)