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Twin Beds and Badassness, Revisited

Well, 2007’s about 26 hours away from being a memory. On January 7 of this year, I made a spirited defense of my twin bed as it related to my overall Badassness Quotient. (If you are lost, you MUST read that post.) In defending the bed, I cited the lack of a need to expand the space because of the bed’s ability to hold up to the traffic demands placed upon it. I also made a 2007 projection of traffic based on numbers from 2006 and general trends.

How’d I do? Let’s let the actual 2007 numbers tell the story (day 365, while it has not technically happened, has been estimated):

Graph:  Ladies Romanced In Perfectly Adequate Twin Bed in 2007

In analyzing these traffic numbers (or lack thereof), I determined that trends that began to manifest themselves in 2006 continued strong through 2007. 2007 was also complicated with an ever-decreasing amount of time available for advertising availability and other items. (Frankly, I had other things on my mind.)

Traffic numbers, combined with an ever-higher Badassness Quotient (as evidenced by the graphic used as my Twitter background), indicate that the twin bed will serve at least half of 2008. With the anticipation of moving in mid-2008, however, there is a chance that the twin bed may actually be replaced by something larger in a proactive move, in the event the high Badassness Quotient should begin to attract traffic again. 2008’s theme is slated to be “Preparedness,” and it would be in line with this theme to upgrade mid-year…but you never know.

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Of Twin Beds and Badassness (Or: A Comedy of Self-Refuting Arguments)

Editor’s note: I’ve been feeling awfully random tonight. This is the first in a series of completely random and off the wall posts that may or may not include diagrams.

In recent months I’ve come under fire from various folks for reasons not involving political positions or something bad I may have said about one’s sports team of choice — no, I’m taking heat for something I’ve had since early childhood. This item would be my twin bed. (I’d take a picture but that’d be pretty low value seeing how my webcam won’t see that far without an overhead light. I should fix that overhead light.)