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Your unsolicited (and likely unintentional) Charleston advice of the day

Here’s advice virtually nobody in the Charleston area will take:

Back in 2008, Charleston Twitter users began to use #chs as a hashtag to talk about everything relating to the city, what’s going on, traffic, etc. We expanded on this in 2009 and it’s been pretty successful.

Then, high school students — many of which who go to schools starting with the letter ‘C’ — caught on to Twitter and started hashtagging their stuff with…#chs. Hilarity and frustration on the part of Charlestonians ensued. A while ago, there was an experiment with #chas that didn’t really pan out either because it, too, was crowded. So, we’ve hung tough with #chs, high schoolers and all. Occasionally, the mix produces some great, out-of-context tweets like the one embedded here.