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Welcome to November!

Editor’s note: I’m writing this from the BlackBerry. There may be related typographical errors; apologies in advance.

I’m on location at Mellow Mushroom downtown tonight, ringing in November after a reasonably successful Halloween. It’s amazing we’re so close to 2009. It’s amazing that next week, some sort of history will be made: We’ll have elected either the first black president or the first woman vice president. And, it’s amazing that I’m done with school in a month and a half.

October was a good, if not insanely busy, month. The highlight was absolutely ConvergeSouth and the Independent Bloggers’ Conference that followed. Head on over to Patrick’s blog for his epic roundup and awesome photos of me in front of a green screen.

I’ll have more when I’m on a bigger QWERTY. :)

Shows Speaking

My Demo of Charleston Weather at the Independent Bloggers’ Conference

I had a wonderful time at ConvergeSouth and the impromptu but rabidly successful (at least in my mind) Independent Bloggers’ Conference this weekend. I’ll have a full recap post in the next day or so after I drive back from Greensboro, but here’s my demonstration of Charleston Weather from Saturday’s sessions, which was a fun and loose workshop with really cool questions from the crowd and a couple mishaps (because when you DO IT LIVE, sometimes things go wrong). Many thanks to Patrick for taping in high definition (and boo on iMovie for weirding it out a bit; this upload will be replaced by something a bit better soon).

Charleston Weather Demo at the Independent Bloggers’ Conference, Greensboro, NC from Jared Smith on Vimeo.