In Brief

Time to dump IE 7, too?

A rumor that Facebook Timeline won’t support IE 7 got traction over the New Year’s weekend. According to a comment by Facebook engineer Stefan Parker, though, Facebook will eventually support Timeline on IE 7 (and 6, for that matter). IE 6 got all the attention for being the straggler, but with it finally fading out of view, I suspect Web developers will increasingly turn their collective ire on the five-year-old IE 7 now. We’ll know for sure when Microsoft launches “IE 7 Countdown.”

Internet Explorer 7 is out…

…and there’s already a vulnerability. Granted, Secunia rates it as “less critical,” but you’d think this kind of thing would be snuffed out during the beta cycle.

Don’t let that stop you though — PLEASE get IE 7 now so I can design sites with hot 24-bit transparent PNGs. ;)

More later, including a chance run-in that didn’t happen…