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IT: Got No Idea

Exchange a few minutes ago as I’m walking into work. The elevator’s arrived and I’m stepping on when a fairly attractive young woman approaches, and then suddenly stops and flips through her purse.

Her: Do you know where the meeting is? I’ve got no idea where to go.
Me, looking like a young student-to-be that may be going to this meeting but really isn’t: I’m not sure…I’m just headed up to the fifth floor, IT, not sure about any meeting.
Her: I don’t even know what that is, but OK, I’m sure I’ll find out.

This post started with an intellectually-elite-assholish way of thinking that she “absolutely should know what IT is if she’s going to college,” but then I realized that her life is probably simpler on a magnitude of about 3 million without knowing all that, so maybe it’s not so bad. Let’s hope nobody shatters her innocence until she’s good and ready.