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A Rocktoberâ„¢ Convert

Three weeks ago, I had nothing but venom and anger for the Rockies, as they slid right past home plate (and my Padres) into the National League playoffs. Now, though, as the Indians have fully collapsed and the Red Sox are going to the World Series (much to the relief of the FOX Sports rating counters, I’m sure), I’m fully backing the Rocktober Movement to sweep the World Series as they’ve done their last two series enroute to an unprecedented first world title.

My, how the postseason changes things so quickly.

There’s only one October.

On the road…

I’m currently in Wytheville, Virginia, enroute to Cleveland, Ohio, where tomorrow Tom from work and I will see the second game of the Indians’ playoff series against the New York Yankees. I was able to hook up my Mac to my Blackjack and take advantage of the 3G speed in Charlotte, where we watched the Indians absolutely whip the Yankees in the Chili’s by Lake Norman.

We’ve driven over some pretty beautiful parts of the country. I’m sure tomorrow will bring quite a few sights from the higher elevations of West Virginia as we get into Ohio. It should be quite a ride, and quite a great game. I’ll have more in the next day or so as the trip continues.