Sen. Ted Stevens Indicted

This is one Internet that Ted Stevens wish never arrived: He’s been indicted on seven counts of making false statements. This is part of a probe that’s ensnared a few others already.

Regardless of the indictment, this is as good of a time as ever to remember the first time Ted Stevens did something for folks other than a few people in Alaska…namely, how he reshaped how we think about the Internet.

In Brief

Peavy wins the Cy…and Bonds is indicted

It’s sad that the news of Jake Peavy winning the Cy Young unanimously will now be completely overshadowed by the indictment of Barry Bonds on perjury and obstruction charges. In any event, many congratulations, Jake.

As Per Whatever

Bonds to be indicted?

ESPN is reporting that Barry Bonds is likely to be indicted by a federal grand jury next week on perjury and tax evasion charges stemming from the BALCO steroids scandal.

If he is indicted, I don’t think he should play. Bonds is already an unnecessary distraction for the San Francisco Giants, and it just wouldn’t sit well with me and a lot of fans if he continued to play while under federal indictment. San Fran is tied with the L.A. Dodgers for second in the NL West right now, two and a half games behind San Diego.

Speaking of San Diego, they lost to the Braves 15-12 in an eleven-inning swirl of chaos that featured both starters out in the 2nd inning, a blown save by Trevor Hoffman, and home runs back and forth until Adam LaRoche said “f*** this!” (not really ;)) and drove in the deciding runs with a double. Crazy stuff. It was the worst outing of the year for Chris Young, the 6’10” lefty who has been much better for San Diego than anticipated this year.

John Smoltz and Chan Ho Park square off today, and Braves rookie Chuck James, quite effective in his first starts in the majors, will have a tough one as he goes against Jake Peavy on Sunday.