My First Stab at Tech Punditry (Or: Internet Explorer Needs UI Skins to Compete with Netscape 6)

Back in 2012, old friends of mine such as Patrick O’Keefe, Brad Kelly, Ray Angel, and James Fintel somehow unearthed a copy of “XPreme Magazine.” It was, in essence, a tech blog distributed via .exe file (seriously). I wrote an article for XPreme Magazine’s January 1, 2002 issue, originally entitled “Internet Explorer Over the Years”, […]

The Bad Old Days

It’s a good thing standards won out on the Web, huh? The difference between these pages is that IE 4 can interpret the <marquee> tag while Netscape 4 never understood it. Those late ’90s browser wars were not for the faint at heart. It wasn’t all bad, though: The Windows NT virtual machine I ran […]

MSFT: Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 6

“Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 6,” says Microsoft. The campaign is encouraging, but I still feel as if IE 6 market share will only continue to drop as machines are replaced, rather than awareness being raised to newer IEs or alternative browsers on existing installs, and it doesn’t end the issue of large […]

Internet Explorer 7 is out…

…and there’s already a vulnerability. Granted, Secunia rates it as “less critical,” but you’d think this kind of thing would be snuffed out during the beta cycle. Don’t let that stop you though — PLEASE get IE 7 now so I can design sites with hot 24-bit transparent PNGs. ;) More later, including a chance […]

IE 7 to be released via Windows Update

CNET reports via Slashdot that IE 7 will be pushed to installations of Windows not yet branded as pirated (yes, the Genuine check will have to be run…AGAIN) via Windows Update later this year. The installation will be optional, though, with an upgrade screen which will permit users to choose to install it now, defer […]