A few quick ones for the overnight…

I couldn’t resist…

  • Gregg Marshall leaves Winthrop again. Wichita State hired him as their next head basketball coach. I get the feeling he’ll stick around for that one, as he praised the “new facilities,” etc.
  • Reformatting the Internet, at first thought, appears to be a good idea. However, knowing what government and industry know now, I guarantee they wouldn’t build the Internet again without the proper hooks to “maintain order.” And besides, as many commenters note (and I agree with this 100%), we still can’t seem to adopt IPv6 — who’s to think a total network upgrade will be supported. I’m willing to bet this won’t happen within our lifetimes.
  • Prediction: When Jon Corzine next steps into a vehicle after recovering from an accident that he is damn lucky didn’t kill him, he’ll wear a seatbelt then and for the rest of his life. I still fail to understand the reasoning behind not wearing a seat belt in a vehicle.
  • Jon Stewart rips Nancy Grace as only Jon Stewart can. A must-see, as Stewart exposes how Grace basically convicted the Duke lacrosse players in the court of public opinion and contradicted herself several times in the process. Watch the whole thing — the ending is priceless.

Stay safe out there tonight!