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A random jumble

I torture Twitter so much with my rapid-fire randomness these days. It’s amazing that I have as many humans as I do actually following me because I get so random and off the wall there with things. So, I feel it’s only fair that I take some of this randomness to the blog for a change.

  • I should’ve gone out singing last night. Wild Wing downtown does a pretty good karaoke night on Thursdays. Only problem? They don’t have any songs by Tantric. My range is right between Hugo Ferreira and Todd Whitener, so Tantric is pretty much perfect. On my birthday, I settled for Days of the New, which I do pretty well with, but Tantric has an energy you can’t deny.
  • Had a pretty decent severe thunderstorm roll through West Ashley earlier, and of course I snapped a few photos of the onset. The cloud was wild as it approached (didn’t get my camera in time to get that shot) — it was very much like those spaceships in Independence Day.
  • I’m slowly chipping away at a new look for this place. I’ve started over about three times now. That work won’t be wasted, though, as I usually find a way to take the best aspects of each design and meld them together. The goal in the next revision of the site is simplification: I’m cutting a lot of deadwood, recategorizing every post (that will take a while), and a lot of other stuff. It’ll be nice, though; I suspect it’ll be the biggest revamp we’ve seen here in a long time.
  • Not sure who to vote for in November now after the FISA Obamination. My tirades against telecom immunity are well-documented here, and it just blows my mind that Obama voted for that bill. It’s a complete breakdown in principle that I wasn’t expecting from him at all, and this is really teetering on the edge of deal-breaker for me. Barack Obama’s just another politician now, and you know, I’m looking for more than pandering and broken promises for a change. He’s going to have to work very hard to win my vote back. (No, I’m not going McCain, either.)
  • A lot of people have brought up how Clinton voted no on the FISA bill. While that’s admirable, Obama was still the better pick for the party based solely on Clinton’s baggage. However, I can’t help but wonder what John Edwards would have been able to do had the media given him 30 seconds of attention.
  • Regardless, part of me feels a little had. This episode is a good reminder that with very few exceptions, there is very little separating the Democratic and Republican agendas. How much more do we have to take before third parties become viable in this country?

Enjoy your Friday, folks!

A tidbit from karaoke night…

I did karaoke last night at the Mt. P Kickin’ Chicken. A group started singing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, and the karaoke guy told me he couldn’t do two Journey songs (I was signed up to sing Wheel in the Sky). He then told me how he thought Don’t Stop Believing is Journey’s worst song. LOL. I’m sure he’s heard far too many drunken groups sing it…

Karaoke + Radar Guns + Baseball = Hide Your Children

I had my first exam yesterday — it was my “writing for the mass media” exam. It went alright, I think. No complaints. I came home and fixed the air conditioning — the switch on the thermostat had gone pookie the night before, so I popped it back into place, and it works great now. I guess it just got jammed a bit. Nothing a pair of pliers can’t fix. So it came down from a balmy 82 inside to a more comfortable 75.

After some laundry, I ran some errands in Goose Creek and in the course of running these errands, I decided to head to a ballgame to decompress a bit before the rush begins again this weekend. After wussing out at the radar gun AGAIN (56 MPH this time) I sang a rousing rendition of “I Disappear” for about four individuals that looked halfway interested. See, it was Karaoke Night at the ballpark, and there was free karaoke, and I swear, I never saw anyone singing. What’s up with that? C’mon, it’s FREE! Sure, the song selection was somewhat lacking — a lot of Top 40 stuff from three years ago, to be honest. But since no one was singing, I sang “Drive” by Incubus later on in the night (had to get a song in which screaming may not be involved — something about disrupting the game, but to be honest, I don’t buy that — I seriously think the guy thought I was insane) and I came out sounding like someone who had been screaming at an umpire for six innings (yep). Ahhh well. At least one person liked it (thank you, Kelly). After a few more misguided attempts at throwing at the gun (thank you, Jeremiah — master of the radar gun that evening — for your patience with my antics!), I figured that was it, and left as the RiverDogs lost 5-2. The Dogs were no-hit for six innings, and then for some reason, the Columbus Catfish replaced their pitcher (WTF!) and surrendered a couple runs as a result.

It was, as always, a good time. I even got a new RiverDogs hat — one of the 3930 models, much like the major league BP hats.

Today I’m seeing Barack Obama at 2:30. If you didn’t get a ticket — too bad, it’s at capacity. This should be very, very interesting.

Wasted Koreans at Karaoke Night

Wasted Koreans at Karaoke Night, originally uploaded by anthropolemic.

I’m doing a little karaoke at the Map Room in West Ashley tonight, after Mel’s band played (they were EXCELLENT!) It’s a great time. I’ve performed Fuel by Metallica, Warning by Incubus, and Won’t Back Down by Fuel. My last song will be Fascination Street by the Cure. A great night, indeed!

Postmortem: I’m back, finally. Time dictated that I did not get to sing Fascination Street, but that’s alright. It was a great time, nonetheless. Those Korean guys were dancing around, getting up on stage and singing traditional Korean songs…those guys were priceless. A very fun and eventful night at the Map Room to be sure.

By the way, you should pop over and check out my good buddy Mel’s music. He performed a small set in support of his new album, .red, downloadable from DiscRevolt. The stuff is very awesome. Mel’s got some killer pipes, and his band is extremely tight. A good show. He travels a lot about the Southeast — check him out if you get a chance.

Also, this was the first post I’ve made to The Blog directly from my phone. I’m using Flickr’s post-to-blog service for the time being for my moblogging needs, as it doesn’t require any changes to my MMS configuration nor add any additional plugins to WordPress. It seems to work pretty well.

Class tomorrow at 9am…for the loss. Daylight Savings Time can be a real bummer sometimes. Later folks!