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Boom boom boom: The Rundown

A few quick hits before I head off to my last class of the day…

  • All I’m going to say on Imus: MSNBC just dropped him like a bad habit. At this point, CBS isn’t far behind. If they’re going to ditch Imus for the comments he made — as they should — then I have a whole list of other hate radio practitioners that should be investigated, as well. Prediction: He’ll be on satellite radio by the end of next year.
  • The Duke Non-Case: They shouldn’t have gotten themselves into that situation in the first place. Their lack of judgement led to this ordeal, ultimately. That being said, Mike Nifong needs to be thoroughly investigated and probably even disbarred. Politics needs to stay out of the prosecutor’s office. Also, this has proven to be a great demonstration of why we need to refocus on “innocent until proven guilty,” regardless of the Court of Popular Opinion.
  • Cable outage last night: Comcast had an outage on my street last night. Within minutes of the outage, I saw lights going on all down the street. It’s amazing how reliant we are on that sort of connection.

Later folks!