Musical musings

I’ve been taking a closer look at my statistics, and it’s been interesting watching the trends evolve. Most notably, there is definitely evidence of my trending away from a smooth jazz/newage/Weather Channel phase back to a more mainstream hard rock selection of music again.


Stuff I’ve liked lately

I’ve been running across some neat stuff on the ‘Nets these days, such as…

  • The redesigned It’s really improved; the social networking aspects are far stronger now, as friend requests are actually highlighted better, and they’re even adding a little News Feed-like action. It’s also nice that I can see my loved tracks (I do a lot of lovin’ on My favorite part? The graphical breakdowns now are more than just “last week” and “overall” — you can get breakdowns from a year, six months, and three months as well. Killer; helps me identify a lot of musical trends. Check mine out and maybe even friend me!
  • Fail We Can Believe In. This Obamaized Fail Whale graphic is oddly appropriate seeing how Twitter took a dump in the last couple days and screwed a lot of people’s follower/following lists up. They’ve been getting those restored, but the whale still reigns supreme. (More on Twitter’s barf in a later post, this one is supposed to be positive!)
  • The Tropical Weather FriendFeed Room. This FriendFeed room pulls in feeds from the National Hurricane Center as well as Dr. Jeff Masters’ tropical blog on Weather Underground into an easy-to-follow, and easy-to-discuss format that FriendFeed is great for. It’s been a wonderful time-saver with the recent tropical activity in the Atlantic.
  •, the open-source, federated Twitter-like network. If things keep progressing at the pace they’re progressing, could stand a serious challenge to Twitter. They are adding features at a monstrous pace, and was just added as the latest supported microblogging service in Twhirl. Best part? Anybody can run the software powering (it’s called Laconica), making for a truly federated microblogging platform.

Seen anything you’ve liked lately? Throw it in comments. :)

In Brief Site News

More stuff fixed around the site

Fixing stupidity (finally, the individual post headers for full posts is spaced properly in IE, and you can now once again see the year on each post) and adding new features, like displaying my latest played track from in addition to my Twitter status, is just so, so satisfying.

As Per Whatever – WTF, mate?

I was taking a peek at my statistics to see how many times I’ve listened to Trammell Starks this week when I saw this in the sidebar and convulsed:

The Hoff WTF Mate

C’mon now…