As Per Whatever

A rare post…

It’s a pretty rare event that I post on February 29th, and for a change, it has nothing to do with how busy I am. ;) A few pre-midterm thoughts while Twitter is MIA (again!)…

  • Don’t let the RIAA fool you — the music lawsuits were never about protectnig the artists. I’ll be really surprised to see if artists get any cut at all when it’s all said and done.
  • I feel another obsession coming on. A friend of mine sent me a YouTube link to Thunder in Paradise, a very short-lived show featuring Hulk Hogan with a kickass boat and lots of scantily-clad women. I used to really dig it when it was on TNT…and it seems as if I can watch it. Many years later, I see why the show was so short-lived.
  • The blogger/tweeter meetup last night was pretty fantastic. I stayed way later than I expected, but had a great time. Shuffleboard at Gene’s is a fantastic time. Highly recommended. It was great to meet some new folks as well as see some folks I hadn’t seen in a while!
  • One more midterm, and the student side of my life is off for a week.

Hope your Friday is fun!

Rainy days are here again

248nm Reflectivity KCHS

It’s nice to finally get some rain around here for a change. We need whatever we can get. The green and orange blobs — if they hold together (which doesn’t always happen) — will definitely soak us for a bit. And that’s OK — it’s more of an excuse to stay in and code and do stuff. :)