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To The Finish!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend. I know I did; it was nice to relax but also get out a lot and meet up with people I haven’t seen in a while. Family time is also a big win, too.

So this is it — four more classes and my final “regular season” as an undergraduate is over. Then we move on to the exam period, and then to the Carolina First Arena for commencement, bringing to a close a six-year journey of epic proportions. Then, I look forward to a two-week hibernation in which I will do as little as possible — something I rarely get a chance to do. And in 2009, well — January 1 will be the first day of the rest of my life, as they say. I’m really looking forward to the free time I’ll have — free time I’ve never had before, ever! I’m super-excited, in case you couldn’t tell.

However, I can’t look that far ahead — got to plow through the next few weeks first. I’m hoping to resume a regular blogging and broadcasting — yes, broadcasting, Serious Business is on its way back — schedule shortly after my exams conclude in two weeks.

Admittedly, this is a cop-out blog post. I have some real meat about the merits of Internet anonymity, some thoughts on how I’ve used social media to become smarter, and a whole lot more stuff that I’m sure is deep in the recesses of my brain that are being reserved for the post-crunch period. Stay tuned…

The Final Countdown

It’s that time of year — the final stretch into the exam period and the end of the semester (and, for me, the long-awaited end to my college career). So, expect relative silence on the blog and in my social media space for a while. I’ll try to come up for air on weekends. (I do need to post a review of my BlackBerry Bold, but I’ll do that after a couple more weeks with it on my belt…erm…under my belt.)

So while I frantically conclude my undergraduate years, here’s a funny video to watch (BlackBerry-themed, of course):

Catch you in the valleys…

A Sunday night core dump

I’m sitting here with a terrible case of selective writers’ block. I can write stream of consciousness in the blog all day long — which is what this is — but I’m struggling to write a movie review for my editing class. It’s due Wednesday but this is the only time I really have anything resembling energy for homework, which is surprising considering the emotional rollercoaster the NFL has been for the first two weeks. (I don’t want to say much about Week 2 beyond “the Cardiac Cats are BACK!” and “isn’t robbery illegal in Colorado?”) Continue reading

A glimpse at my calendar

My calendar for September 2008

Yes, I realize this calendar is slightly eccentric. But, if I’m not as socially networked as you or I might like me to be in the next few weeks, particularly the week leading up to the three shot glasses and Hotlanta, please understand.

Also, please note the lack of Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday is really Super-Monday because that’s my first day of classes for the week; consider regular Monday to be a warmup for Super-Monday, in a way. Wednesday is Hump Day, which is incredibly appropriate given the gigantic hump in the middle of the Average Time of Arrival Home graph below:

Thursday is Pseudo-Friday, because while that’s my last day of classes for the week, I still have an actual Friday at work. Saturday and Sunday are mostly unchanged.

Welcome to my life. Note to the Class of 2012: Finish school expediently. Don’t be me. :)

Potential (Or: A Waste of Talent)

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is not feeling like you or someone else is living up to their potential. But how do we know what their potential is, and how do we know that this “potential” one sees in somebody isn’t what that person wants?

Growing up I was always called “The Next Bill Gates.” Always. Naturally, this came from my well-known uptake of computers and technology throughout my childhood and into adolescence. I’d take this as a compliment and move along my merry way.

Secretly, though, I resented it. Why create such high expectations for a young one who’s still trying to figure himself out? Continue reading

“Hey you, wake up, get yourself together…”

Ever had your cage rattled? I’m pretty sure we all have. If you haven’t, you probably have and you haven’t noticed (and that’s not good). We all get our cage rattled in life, some more often than others. Some of these rattles come from positive things, and some from not so positive things. I’ve gotten a combo of both in the last month or two.

I haven’t mentioned it to a lot of folks, but I applied to graduate a couple weeks ago. This kickstarts my final semester and is a big deal. Anybody who’s followed this blog has gotten a general idea of what I’ve gone through to get to this point, so it really floored me when I watched the blinking text (yes, blinking text via the <blink> tag, and the person I need to give hell to about that is still on vacation) telling me that I’ve successfully applied to graduate. It really hit then: This is my last semester. I’m fortunate that I shouldn’t have to be desperately job hunting after I graduate, as I’ve got a good thing going now, but this is still a huge step and a new chapter in my life, and I can’t help but think about it. Continue reading

Crunch Time

Well, it’s April, which can only mean one thing: end-of-semester lunacy. This blog has been eerily silent, I know, and that silence will probably continue through Tuesday or so. I have a gigantic pile of e-mail that I am well aware of, but I’m just not sure when I’ll get to dig out. Apologies in advance. I go up Twitterscope occasionally but that’s even been less frequent as of late. I’m glad this is the last April that I’ll have to deal with this (at least for now).

In the meantime, here’s a report about the College’s Geology Club fundraiser that I did for today. Pardon the opening sequence…I swear, the next place that I get, I will do much more to the lighting so that stuff I do at home won’t suck. That, and I need a much better camera.

Trying to slow the Hiatus Train

Rumors of my rapid descent from Earth’s surface have been greatly exaggerated. I’m alive, well, etc. Just — and stop me if you’ve heard it — insanely busy for the last month or two. I did a little pass on my site this morning and have noticed cobwebs beginning to grow in the biographical pages, for instance. This is something I certainly need to resolve. It’s just hard to work up the energy after putting in a great deal of time during the week doing little but sitting at a computer working on Web stuff. It’s just natural.

With school coming up in addition to the time I put in at work, it’s tough to say whether I can bring the Hiatus Train to a full stop or not. I’m going to try, though — I venture to guess that the return to classes will certainly make my life much more interesting and thus much more bloggable. It usually has this effect.

With a week left before classes, I can say it’s been a good summer. I’ve had a good time getting out and about, getting to know my new housemates, and watching a lot of baseball in between. My work has been exceptionally rewarding and has pushed me to be sharper mentally. Physically, switching to a desk job (and Blue Moon) has landed me about 15 pounds and trouble putting on some legacy pairs of pants in the morning. This is not a complaint, though — as most of you know, I’m quite the twig, so any enhancement to my physique helps.

A lot of other peripheral stuff has been going on. Take this weekend, for instance. I got my old (newer) car back Thursday from my brother after driving back from Columbia for work (long story). The car is somewhat humorous now that my brother has given it the “Pimp Your Ride” treatment. (Before and after pics later on, I think.) I then left the map lights on in the car overnight so that when I went to start it Friday to pick up a lady friend (who I am not dating but I can understand why everyone asks us this) it just went poot, rolled over, and died. Yep…I nailed that battery real well. So, I call my dad up and get his voicemail…but he didn’t get the voicemail until 2:30 Saturday. He came downtown and jumped my car, then I followed him back home to top off the battery (it was in good shape driving back, but we wanted to be sure). After verifying the battery charge was good, I made up for the previous evening with dinner and The Simpsons Movie, which is hysterical. Today started late and will end probably before midnight for me…yet another workday tomorrow.

Sorry to Charleston’s bloggers for not making it out tonight. I was just exhausted today, and had stuff to get done around the house.

Hopefully my next post will be sooner rather than later. Time will tell…


Well if one believes in luck, this is the ultimate day. We won’t see another 7/7/07 until the next century, by which time I’m pretty sure most of us will be dead.

It was a fantastic day for my friends Greg and Tanessa as they were married in a wonderful ceremony today. It was a fun wedding, complete with Greg busting a move to “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al among other highlights. I also must say that their choice in music was fantastic, especially the jazz music preceding their first dance. My coworker friends and I were pretty floored at just how good the music was. Here’s wishing them another round of congratulations and a fantastic honeymoon!

The weather is a bit wet out tonight, so the city is basically dead. I decided to stay in for the rest of the day and watch TV and the thunderstorms. I also caught some of the Live Earth sets on YouTube. Metallica’s set, in particular, was awesome. Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, and Sad But True were the songs, performed with an intensity I haven’t seen from James Hetfield in a long time. He even busted out his Explorers for the set — we haven’t seen much of those in the recent past because the Explorers are a bit harder on his balky back.

In the time that I have to really listen to music, it’s been pretty much all Journey, all the time. I got onto this Journey kick at my friend Sarah’s birthday party at Mad River last weekend, I think, when “Don’t Stop Believing” got stuck in my head. Now, though, it’s “Only The Young” and “Wheel in the Sky” making the cranial rounds. “Only the Young” is one of those songs that I wish I was in love with someone while listening to. I know that’s a weird thing, but I have a few songs like that (Ambiguous Headdress by Tribe of Judah is another one of those). The vibe is just amazing. Journey has some sweet harmonies. I haven’t dug much into their catalog beyond their hits — I’m sure there are some gems there. Neal Schon, in particular, is a kickass guitarist.

It’s been a good July for me, especially professionally. My job at College of Charleston as Webmaster became permanent this past week, so I’m extremely excited and pleased about that development. My place has gotten quite a nice realignment and I’m really getting to know my new housemates, who are all great people. Needless to say I don’t spend much time on a computer outside of work — not necessarily a bad thing.