The Night Before Hanna

Here’s tonight’s briefing:

We’re down to the wire, folks. Things are looking fairly stable at this point to landfall. The 11PM advisory did not change much at all from the 5PM and 8PM advisories. The track’s pretty much the same (save for the inevitable wobbling tropical systems do as they approach). There’s a chance the wind field may contract a little (see the NHC discussion for more); Hanna’s getting its tropical characteristics a bit more in order. (I’m still shocked it’s not being classified as subtropical, personally…)

The time for speculation is indeed over, though. Now, we wait and see and let Hanna do what she’s going to do.

I’ll start coverage on Charleston Weather at roughly 10:30 to 11:00 tomorrow morning after I catch up on a bit of sleep. Watch this space for blog recaps as conditions deteriorate, and pay close attention to the Charleston Weather Twitter account, as well as my own personal Twitter account. If I should lose power, I’ll still be able to update my Twitter accounts for as long as my BlackBerry has juice. I may charge some backup phones tonight as well, just in case. The chat room is always open for business, and I’ll try to stay in there as long as I can. Tomorrow promises to be interesting.