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Tropical Storm Barry

So Tropical Storm Barry kicked off the season at about 5:00 last night, and I joked that now that the rain will have a name, The Weather Channel will send crews and stuff and cue up the hurricane themes and stuff.

Well, I’ll be damned if they don’t have the radar inset going (once reserved for really rough weather) and they have Mike Bettes on location at Punta Gorda, FL. Sigh. Folks, it’s rain. It’s named. The Southeast sure as hell needs it. There’s no need to send a crew to a rainstorm with a little wind that happens to have a name because it got itself together enough to spin up to 40 mph for a few hours.

The crying wolf factor is something that the media really has to guard against, and it looks like their lesson has not been learned…

I am Time’s Person of the Year…

…and so are you. Big responsibility, huh? :) It’s a neat piece, and almost a startling admission that user-generated content is increasingly driving the agenda of the media. Good read, I recommend it.

The momentum of this phenomenon you and I are caught up in sure seems unstoppable, but a Gartner report seems to foretell otherwise. I’m not going to argue too much with the basic premise of this, really — the honeymoon will inevitably end. The blogosphere will settle down a bit and work out its kinks like a good system should; these ‘kinks’ are personal websites that may or may not have much influence that eventually are abandoned. Chances are, if a blog is abandoned, it either wasn’t that great or wasn’t being read much, or perhaps it had simply run its course. This is normal, though; this has happened since the Web came to fruition. It’s not a sign of a giant Web 2.0 meltdown; rather, it’s a sign that Web 2.0 is robust; far more robust, I think, than the initial 2000 dotcom bust. People will come, people will go, but the system is in place more firmly than ever, I think.