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So I’ve been in the equivalent of moving purgatory for the last few days, taking up a dwelling at my parents’ house. Relocation to the new place starts Friday, and will continue at a gradual pace through the weekend. The weather’s going to be oppressively hot — unusually warm for this time of year — so the moving process will probably be a gradual one that lasts through the weekend. I’m definitely looking forward to living in my own place, where I have a much higher degree of freedom and control (read: I’ll be able to spread my computer equipment out with zero objection).

Living with my parents has been cool for a few days, though. I’ve been getting those home-cooked meals, the laundry is done, and it’s not like they’ve put a curfew on me again (I am 24, after all). It’s been a nice visit. In some ways, it’s been a trip down memory lane — late night visits to Sonic happened on a regular basis in high school, and it was a little weird to go back there and see the parking spot where I’d show up every Friday during my senior year of high school to think. (I wrote a series of tweets about this Sonic experience; see [1], [2], [3], [4], and [5])

I’ve been running at a real limited operating capacity, though. I’m primarily on my work MacBook Pro until I move in and get the more permanent desktop setup going. Unfortunately, that’s left me without GRLevel3 at home, so no SuperDeeDooper Doppler updates when there’s severe weather (and, as luck would have it, that happened this past weekend). That’s been kind of a drag. Oh, and my music — or lack thereof. That’s been an issue, too. I haven’t had any of my gigantic music library available to me, ’cause that machine’s disconnected still.

Oh well. Friday will begin to right the ship once more into a stable pattern. For now, I’m starting ROC for sleep!

Yep, I’m Moving

After four great, unforgettable years living downtown, I’m going to be moving deep into the heart of West Ashley to a one-bedroom place near the river. My last day down here is May 31; I’ll be relocating briefly with the parental units to the Creek for a few days while I wait for my new apartment to open up.

This likely doesn’t matter to most people, except for those who follow my weather station closely. I hate it, but the weather station will be ceasing operations Thursday afternoon for the foreseeable future, and for good in that location. It’s been a fantastic experience providing conditions from my backyard for two years, but the reality of my situation — moving to a complex — dictates that the station can’t continue for now. Perhaps in the future, when I own something and will be firmly entrenched in it, will I be able to restart operations. I may have located a foster home for the station, though — more details to be announced later.

My focus on user-generated weather content is changing. I’m now focusing on what can be done with streaming media and interactivity; I’m already doing some of that now at Ustream and, when it’s up, Twitter. Both ventures have been pretty successful so far. I’m going to expand on that soon and probably spin weather off from here into its own domain as time goes on, more than likely. Stay tuned — it’s going to get really hardcore soon, especially with hurricane season knocking on the door.

It’s going to be weird, though, not knowing what the exact temperature is at my house at any given time. I’ve gotten so, so, so used to that over the years…and now I won’t have it anymore. Here’s hoping someone takes the torch and runs with it.

“[Y]ou, sir, have become a blog-posting slack-ass.”

I don’t think Derick could have put it any better.

It’s almost been a month since my last post. I’m mind-numbingly busy these days, going crazy with lots of projects and trying to find a place to move. Luckily the latter is almost completed, and now I’m in a rush to finish the former. With this crunch, as you might expect, blogging and other personal-site-things have just not found much time.

I hope to break my string of “rundown” posts soon (by blogging more). Today is not my day, though.

  • Finding a place to live should not be that stressful – but maaaan oh man. I’ll recount that whole saga later.
  • What’s with 50 degree lows in May, after 93 degree heat in April?
  • Stephen Colbert is my hero. I must say, his routine was much better than Bush laughing at himself for not finding WMDs. Thank you, Stephen. If I ever run into you whenever you visit Charleston, I’ll buy you a beer. (When I’m less broke, of course.)
  • So is The Spirit of Truth. It takes a special kind of person to smoke crack and preach from the Yellow Pages, all set in a serene mountain scene with Ice Cube’s “Bop Gun” playing in the background. (Note: YouTube account required. This guy loves him some F-word!)
  • Thanks to John Sinteur for his great review of Building Online Communities. The book’s Amazon sales ranks have been consistently high, considering the topics we cover. It’s doing better than I ever thought possible. Hell, yesterday we beat The Mack Within. That has to count for something, right? :) It’s even finding its way into libraries! Which reminds me, CofC needs a copy for its library…
  • As much as they suck for our pocketbooks, high gas prices are good for America — in a sense, anyway. It’s finally jumpstarting real debate and progress on research into alternative fuels. The single best thing we can do for our economy and for national security is to get going on a realistic alternative fuel migration plan. However, that’s no consolation for people who can barely afford to get to work. Neither are $100 “gas refund checks.”
  • I might be crazy, but I really am looking forward to going back to school.
  • 20 days until I turn 22. Nuts.

I can’t promise that I’ll blog with the frequency that I did over the winter months, but I’ll try, nonetheless. Happy biking!