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Worries for the MPx

It appears that the camera on my Motorola MPx220 smartphone has given up the ghost. I’ve yet to re-flash the phone (that will probably occur this weekend, sigh) to see if it’s a software issue, but the problem seems to be hardware-related. Perhaps I hit it somewhere (wouldn’t surprise me considering my line of work/inherent clumsiness). I was debating it, but it’s looking more and more like I will be upgrading to the Cingular 3125 in January, when I become eligible for an upgrade. Everything else about the phone is still fine, but now that the seed of doubt about the hardware build has been planted, I’ll start to wonder.

It’s a shame Motorola canceled the GSM Q. They most definitely lost a customer with that boneheaded move. Maybe the GSM Q will live after all? Check this out — if something similar to this (especially in BLACK!) arrives in North America, this will most definitely be my upgrade path…

PDA Blogging

I’m on the Cistern right now, blogging from an iPAQ PDA. I’m putting it through its paces and so far it isn’t bad. The mini keyboard that I have attached to it does not lend itself to typing with any sort of reasonable speed, that’s for sure.

Other than that, this post is largely useless. I did manage to crash my MPx220 today doing a Bluetooth file transfer. Lame.

Later folks…