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Sitting here listening to Trammell Starks in the office…

…what a few days it’s been. The impending full moon seemed to bring out all the IT-related problems today. LOL. C’est la vie. I made it though.

I’m getting a little leery of MySpace these days. Seems like I get at least one or two friend requests a day from pornographers who have rigged their spaces to be one giant porn link, or wanting me to go to a dotless URL, or some other scheme that would undoubtedly bring out security problems in IE if I tried to use it. (Nothing like an IP address written entirely in HEX.) Seems like pornographers aren’t the only ones hitting MySpace; in a rather unsurprising turn of events, adware is making its way through MySpace via friend request now. I’m not at all surprised by this; with the amount of people who have enough sense to cram enough things on their space so it scrolls horizontally on my 1680×1050 widescreen, it was only a matter of time before adware peddlers targeted the site.

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A Sunday evening collection of randomness

Good Sunday evening, Internet(s)! I hope the American contingent of the readership is enjoying the holiday weekend. Mine is being interrupted by a work day tomorrow, though I get the feeling I won’t be there the whole day. We’ll see what happens. Tom is once again having his July 4 shindig, so I’ll be there on Tuesday.

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