In Brief Weather

RadarScope 1.1 for Mac

RadarScope 1.1 for Mac is out. RadarScope has been my go-to radar app on iOS since I got my iPod touch back in 2009, and quickly became my go-to solution for a Mac-native radar viewer. Version 1.0 was fairly solid but was missing some of the AllisonHouse and Spotter Network integration features the iOS version had. No worries, though, as 1.1 adds those back (lightning data being, for me, the most critical) along with some welcome UI tweaks to more easily control the radar display. While I still bring out GR2Analyst in my Boot Camp partition for heavy-duty analysis, I always keep RadarScope open in a Space for quick reference, and thanks to the improvements in 1.1, I’ll use it even more extensively. RadarScope is $30 and available in the Mac App Store (AllisonHouse data is subscription-based — I have had the $10/month “Storm Chaser” plan for many years and it has proven invaluable).

As Per Whatever Weather

March Madness of a different type…

It’s one heck of a busy night/morning for the National Weather Service. Lots of warnings going up everywhere. These storms just love to rotate…we have a tornado watch for a few more hours. I’ve been taking some screenshots of GRLevel3 tonight and sharing them on a Facebook album called Tornado Vortex Signatures (And Other NEXRAD Phenomena). It’s open to the public, so please, feel free to peek. :)

I would have blogged during the day, but the Internet connection at the College was out all day. A vital piece of hardware at the College’s ISP failed and they had to ship down a new part. In other words, they were carrying replacement tubes for the Internet(s) inside a big truck. Haha.

See you all tomorrow. Be careful driving over the bridge(s) — it’s going to be pretty windy for the next few hours…