As Per Whatever

Pre-Class Briefing

Good morning folks…we’re still in a “Potentially Dangerous Situation.” Well, “Danger” is my middle name. (William, too, but I digress.) I caught some impressive stuff on the radars out of Missouri and Kansas last night — let’s hope that stuff trends away from here.

Last night I made the final steps toward getting the CofC IT pages ready for launch, and it appears that they did indeed get revealed to the world this morning. While I had little input on the design, I took care of a LOT of the plumbing. I likened it to getting in a field of about 1500 cats and trying to round them up and get them to sit straight. Very difficult. You can see the fruits of our labor here. You might recognize the student worker who was recognized…

It’s just so nice to have a refreshing rush of normalcy — and on that note, off to class I go.

Catch you all later…