So The Great Facebook URL Rush of 2009 is over, and in the end, my Personal Brand remains intact: We now return to your regularly scheduled geekery, already in progress.



We set a record today — this was the earliest date that Charleston Airport has ever recorded snow:

… Unofficial earliest snowfall on record occurred at Charleston
International Airport this morning…

Charleston International Airport recorded a trace of snowfall this
morning which according to National climatic data center records is
the earliest calendar date on which snow has been reported.
Previously… the earliest date on which snow was recorded was
November 25 1950… when a trace of snowfall was recorded.

One note is that frozen precipitation was reported in the form of
ice pellets… commonly known as sleet… on November 5 1995… also
amounting to a trace.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my weather station this morning; temperatures continued to fall until about 15 minutes ago, but they appear to be rebounding a bit from 38.5 to a balmy 38.8. :P The forecast is for it to hit 50; with the way things are right now, it’ll take a break in the rain very soon in order for it to happen. I did see a bit of snow mixed in with the rain as I was taking my walk downtown this morning, though I was much more concerned about not being completely blown over by the high wind gusts.

I’ve measured nearly an inch of precipitation today, and it won’t be letting up anytime soon over the next couple days. This is just a nasty, nasty cold rain and, well, I hate it. But watching people panic over wet snow that doesn’t stick to the ground is incredibly amusing…