As Per Whatever Downtime


Seems the weather station outage was not Comcast’s doing, but rather a power failure in the corner of my room where my server and my desktop reside. The power came back to there and was working for a while but it’s out again, probably for good. Going to have to get an electrician out tomorrow to have a look at the problem. There aren’t any tripped breakers (and none of the breakers are labeled so watch me randomly shut someone’s power off if I mess with them) so I’m not sure what the heck is going on.

I’m writing this from my ever-present piece of junk laptop that decided to stay on an hour more than the battery usually allows, which is a great thing because if it had shut off I don’t think I would have gotten it to turn back on again until next month. Damn thing.

Anyway, anything I was doing for people is temporarily on hold until I get a resolution to this power problem. This will also certainly have an effect on any blogging I planned on doing this evening…really, it’s all messed up. The only good thing is that the Linux box that runs the weather station is on the other side of the house (toward the backyard) and just needed a reboot to properly pick up the new DNS and DHCP settings (as my DNS and DHCP server is currently sitting in the corner of my room doing nothing). Seems last week’s bad luck is trickling over in a mighty way to this week…oh well.

A rough month for DreamHost!

DreamHost, the hosting provider for and about 95% of the other Web things I operate, has had a rough July thanks to the brownouts and such in Los Angeles. Their extremely detailed blog entry shows that they are sincerely working hard to try to mitigate any future disasters, and gives some insight into just how tough it is to run a massive hosting operation such as Dreamhost. It’s a great read, highly recommended.