Serious Business: Web PR, Cell Phones, and more!

Tonight’s Serious Business was a resounding success. Thanks to everybody who stopped in and really made it something great. Here’s hoping next week is just as good.

Here’s the recorded show, in case you missed it — and it was a good one. We went in-depth on PR practices with bloggers, new vs. old media, and you’ll even find out what my baseball bandwagon is this year…

Remember that, for now at least, we’re doing this every Sunday at 8:30 over on Check out the show’s website for links to the show as well as a link to the Facebook page. Fan the show if you deem it worthy. :) I’ll have more at the show website soon; it needs a WordPress install, I just need time.

As Per Whatever

In the City Paper this week!

Jason Zwiker of Cavaliers and Roundheads fame interviewed me a couple weeks ago for his In The Neighborhood column that he writes for the Charleston City Paper. That article, complete with one of my trademark goofy grins, made the paper today, and it’s pretty awesome! It’s near the middle of the paper, in the real estate listings; page 14 in the Charleston City Paper Exchange section to be exact. Have a look-see! :)