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Well, that was quick…

One of my predictions just went down the pipe: Jim Mora, Jr. was fired by the Falcons after his third season. So much for the warm, fuzzy Arthur Blank that was going to keep him around…optimism: deflated.

In other news…

  • I can’t sleep — and I’m going to be at work in t-minus 7 hours or so. Perhaps I should cue Disc 2, at risk of my brother stealing more girls from me in my dreams…
  • As convenient as it is, I turned off the WordPress auto-trackback stuff. I just would like to link back to my own blog without getting an email. ;)
  • A part of me is looking forward to seeing the CofC campus not be such a ghost town. A part of me also prefers the CofC campus as a quieter place.
  • I think so much about going back to work, but classes resume Monday. Nutty. This is going to be one heck of a semester as I’m now going to kick up the afterburner a bit on the major and plow ahead toward the degree. Maybe I’ll see Agricola around campus?
  • After further review, “My joystick is just a bit eager. :)” was the perfect post title to send out the blogging of 2006.
  • Looking at the academic calendar, I’m just amazed at when the last exam is: the 2nd of May. Wow. I think that’s the earliest it’s ever been, and I’m not complaining much. Knowing my luck, I have an exam that day, too.
  • Comedy Central ran some of my favorite movies for New Year’s: Airplane, The Naked Gun, and Police Academy 4. That, combined with chicken kabobs, rice, broccoli, and crescent rolls courtesy of Mom rang the year in on a great note.

And so it goes, back to the grind tomorrow. Knowing my luck I’ll be feeling a lot better…just in time for work. Haha.

Later folks.

As Per Whatever

Happening outside my window…

So I was trying to get something resembling an honest night’s sleep when I see this random flashing visually resonating throughout my bedroom. I go to the window to check it out (it’s an emergency vehicle of some sort) and it’s Charleston Police with a Pontiac pulled over going the wrong way on Ashley Ave. (a one-way street that goes northward). He’s really checking this car out, too; a few minutes ago the officer had his flashlight out, taking a look-see to see if anything exciting is in there. Medical University police are now checking it out, hanging out in the entrance to the Eckerd’s parking lot across the street.

The MUSC officer has his flashlight out now, and he’s taking a look of his own into the car. Very interesting, to say the least. I wish I had my street miked sometimes so I can hear what’s going on out there.

Now Charleston and MUSC are having a conversation…of course, I have no idea about what. Could be about the car, could be about the NLCS Game 4. It seems like they’re waiting for someone to arrive…how interesting. Additional units, perhaps? Perhaps they found something interesting? I haven’t seen anyone get out of the Pontiac and be searched or anything, so hmm. Maybe they’re running the plates for warrants? Tough to say. I can’t say I have much policing experience. :P

It’s nice to see someone get pulled over for going the wrong way on a one-way street for a change. I see this happen a lot, and this is the first time in recent memory that I’ve seen someone actually stopped.

A second Charleston PD car stopped for a second, but took off again. Wonder what’s happening here. Okay, the Charleston PD guy is talking to them now. This is sure taking a while…hmmm. Now he’s on the radio…fun times.

Somehow I get the feeling this will be just another routine traffic stop. Oh well. I think I’m going to sleep again…

As Per Whatever

My reputation precedes me

It’s always hilarious to come back and see a message asking me if I caught the new Weather Channel show, Abrams & Bettes. For the record, I did not — I was watching ESPN NFL Countdown, and playing with Vista most of the night.

Speaking of Vista, Office 2007 is now properly installed in my fresh Build 5728 installation — I feel like that for the first time the performance and relative stability is there now to possibly make me productive. This is assuming I don’t keep moving windows around watching the backgrounds blur, though…which I have a terrible habit of doing. :-P Build 5728 is sweet though. It performs well, uses memory more judiciously, and feels much snappier. There are still some annoying glitches, but I get the feeling they are at this point driver related.

Congrats to the Saints. What a win down there. Nothing like seeing Mike Vick look dumbfounded. :)

‘Night folks…


As Per Whatever

A moratorium on social interaction and other random items

Today I’m declaring a moratorium on being social, as shutting myself in my house (aside from going to work of course) for the next ~25 days or so will cost a lot less money than going out every so often. So yeah, expect lots of unusual and occasionally informative posts in this space in the coming month.

I’m quite thrilled that Gregg Marshall has been hired as the CofC basketball coach. This is very positive all around for the College, from the players’ academics to fundraising contributions by boosters, and just generating more excitement with the fans. Indeed, the reaction around the unofficial discussion board is that of celebration and approval. I agree — this is a fantastic hire. User chascougs sums it all up: “Jerry [Baker, athletic director] and Co. you got it right this time.” Whoooooooops.

I need to roll out WordPress 2.0.3 here shortly. That’ll probably happen this weekend. I’m also getting light bulbs and a six-foot ladder — I have yet to have overhead lights since I moved into my new apartment. LOL. It’s not bad, really — I’m a low-light kind of person, though having lots of light available will be very useful. Unpacking more boxes would be useful, too. I’m not sure if I’m ever getting a computer desk. LOL. The picnic table is small but working out just fine for the moment. I should take pictures of that sometime.

The Padres are back to first in the NL West, one and a half games up on the Dodgers, who’ve dropped three straight. There’s a four and a half game spread between first and last in the West – awful tight division this year. .500 ball won’t cut it this time (thankfully!). Don’t get me started on the Braves — they should fire the entire bullpen. Jorge Sosa’s two closing appearances have been decent though. We’ll see. The Mets have a twelve-game pad between first and second place — barring a major collapse and a major miracle by the other NL East teams, that’s a pretty insurmountable lead. But it’s only late June, and there’s a lot of ball left to be played. Finally, my best get well wishes to baseball writer Peter Gammons, who suffered a brain aneurysm Tuesday morning. He’s in good condition at the ICU so that’s very promising news. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

As Per Whatever

Daylight Savings Time!

It’s 8PM and there’s still a smidgen of light out there. I love it. :)