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After a few false starts, I’m going to be finally taking a breather and heading up to Atlanta tomorrow with some friends. We’re going to catch the bloodied and bruised Braves (who just can’t catch a break) as they host the Milwaukee Brewers. The Braves found Chuck James to make the start against Jeff Suppan. (No, I will not live-tweet the game. :)) It’ll be my first trip to The Ted, so I’m really excited about that. Our seats are reasonably decent and I’m anticipating several fly balls in my direction. I think I’m going to buy a new Atlanta cap while I’m there; likely one of the super-comfortable 39-30 models used in spring training and batting practice. We’re also slated to head to Six Flags. It’s been, what, 10 years since I went to an amusement park? Crazy. Should be fun, though I have issues with rollercoasters that I’m not going to get into right now. I’m hoping to run into some friends who will also be in Atlanta along the way.

The trip’s going to be a good way to ring in August after a really wild July. I’m probably crazy to say this, but I’m ready to get summer over with so I can attack this last semester with as much as I can give.

I’m on the fence about Serious Business on Sunday. I’ll probably be back early in the day (provided we don’t lollygag in Atlanta, which is always possible and easy to do), but who knows after six hours of driving whether I’ll be in any shape to do Serious Business. That will probably be a game-time decision, so stay tuned. :)


So I’ve been in the equivalent of moving purgatory for the last few days, taking up a dwelling at my parents’ house. Relocation to the new place starts Friday, and will continue at a gradual pace through the weekend. The weather’s going to be oppressively hot — unusually warm for this time of year — so the moving process will probably be a gradual one that lasts through the weekend. I’m definitely looking forward to living in my own place, where I have a much higher degree of freedom and control (read: I’ll be able to spread my computer equipment out with zero objection).

Living with my parents has been cool for a few days, though. I’ve been getting those home-cooked meals, the laundry is done, and it’s not like they’ve put a curfew on me again (I am 24, after all). It’s been a nice visit. In some ways, it’s been a trip down memory lane — late night visits to Sonic happened on a regular basis in high school, and it was a little weird to go back there and see the parking spot where I’d show up every Friday during my senior year of high school to think. (I wrote a series of tweets about this Sonic experience; see [1], [2], [3], [4], and [5])

I’ve been running at a real limited operating capacity, though. I’m primarily on my work MacBook Pro until I move in and get the more permanent desktop setup going. Unfortunately, that’s left me without GRLevel3 at home, so no SuperDeeDooper Doppler updates when there’s severe weather (and, as luck would have it, that happened this past weekend). That’s been kind of a drag. Oh, and my music — or lack thereof. That’s been an issue, too. I haven’t had any of my gigantic music library available to me, ’cause that machine’s disconnected still.

Oh well. Friday will begin to right the ship once more into a stable pattern. For now, I’m starting ROC for sleep!