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BREAKING: iPhone 10 Revealed in iOS 5.1…

or not:

One popular hobby of those interested in discovering hints of Apple’s future iOS devices has been the examination of various configuration files in each beta and public version of iOS for new entries referring to future iOS devices.

While the references provide essentially no information on the new devices themselves, as they simply appear in the form of “iPhone4,1” for what ultimately became the iPhone 4S as one example, they are carefully watched as hints of what devices Apple is likely to be testing with the software and perhaps how many variations of an upcoming device there might be.

With today’s release of iOS 5.1 beta 2, Apple has now taken steps to obscure that information, planting numerous fake references within configuration files typically examined for such evidence.

Surprised it took Apple this long to finally start to obscure this. Time for device hunters to find new clues.

In Brief

Is an Apple store on the horizon?

The P&C is reporting this morning on the possibility of an Apple Store opening in the former Cumberland’s space on King Street. That would be very sweet, and fit right in with the high-end shopping King Street is known for. Hat tip to James for the initial headsup over Twitter and Matthew for finding the article.


The inevitable may be happening: iPhone to enter production

I saw a segment about this last night on CNBC while at the Mellow Mushroom; there are, once again, rumors that Apple is going to be, as many have anticipated, manufacturing an iPhone that contains the iPod’s music technology. This wouldn’t be the first time an iPhone was rumored; but the AppleInsider article states that the phone has already been released to manufacturing by Foxconn, so hmmm…perhaps there’s some weight to this one?

This is quite a gamble for Apple. Previously, you might recall, they paired with Motorola to put iTunes on several phones, including the ill-fated ROKR and the RAZR V3i, which really hasn’t taken off over the traditional RAZRs out there. (I’ve seen one — yes, one — V3i in the wild.) Apple has to convince people like me why one device is sufficient for talking on the phone and listening to music. While it is convenient to have the music stop to take a phone call (my MPx220 has Windows Media 9 on it and this is a feature), I also question the wisdom of putting two battery-sucking applications on one device (in my experience with the MPx220, the batteries drained a lot faster when playing music). In order to succeed with this, Apple would have to bundle a fairly potent battery with the phone and find a way to retool the electronics to where the signal processor for the music is extremely efficient.

Some requests for the Apple iPhone group, if indeed they’re doing this:

  • A rotary dial option would be awesome for the clickwheel…innovative, oldschool, and just plain unique for a cell phone. Apple, DO IT.
  • Don’t impose an artificial limit on the number of songs in the iTunes library. That’s where the ROKR and RAZR V3i failed miserably. Don’t repeat such a stupid mistake. If you’re going to meld iPod technology with a phone, take it all the way. If I bought an iPhone, I expect the full features of an iPod nano available.
  • Stick with the standard iPod connector, and make it effortless to sync contacts and calendar items between both Macs and PCs. Outlook integration would be a real plus.

I really, really believe the iPhone could be a real winner if they did it right and didn’t skimp in areas that Motorola’s implementations have.

As Per Whatever

Keyshawn to the Panthers?

Now that’d be a damn good #2 man to take the heat off Steve Smith. I know he’s had issues in the past, but it seems like he’s calmed down a bit. He’s got a ring and helps his teams win – you just can’t argue with that. See SI for the info.