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Movin’ to the groovin’

the girl Riot asked over Twitter: “[W]hat songs -move- you?” Needless to say, I’m a sucker for “moving” music, and 140 characters can’t do my list justice, so here we go (with last.fm links to listen if possible):

  • Am I Ever Gonna Change? by Extreme. Yes, I fully realize this is the “More Than Words” band. However, this song defined the second half of high school for me. I identified perfectly with its introspective and at times turbulent tone of a person struggling with themselves. The emotion in the song overtook singer Gary Cherone so much that he sang a different lyric at the end of the song. The song is altogether calm, haunting, and jarring at the same time — truly one of Extreme’s best works, and goes far beyond what anybody in “hair metal” (lousy term) was doing at that point. (The entire III Sides to Every Story album is just incredible.)
  • All Systems Go – The Launch from James Horner’s Apollo 13 score. I love instrumentals, and I especially love it when an instrumental can tell a story, and do so in dramatic fashion. Horner nails it here, with the hopeful buildup to the triumphant climax — the launch — and the intense moments during the launch sequence (including when one of the engines failed in the second stage of the Saturn V). It’s an epic at 10 minutes, but it’s so, so worth it. The entire Apollo 13 score gives me goosebumps.
  • Would? by Alice in Chains. This was the defining song of my summer before college. The treatment of Layne Staley’s voice here in the chorus is incredible as he implores the listener to “try and see it once my way”, and Jerry Cantrell’s guitar work is solid and haunting.
  • Gravity of Love by Enigma. Enigma’s mixing in of Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna,” a sultry and powerful drum arrangement, and Sandra Cretu’s vocals make for a song that turns me into a conductor toward the end. I always find myself cranking the volume louder and louder as the song builds to its crescendo at the end. This song particularly inspires creativity and gets plenty of plays.
  • Event Horizon (Live Acoustic) by Blue Stone. The regular electronic version of this song is moving in its own right, but to hear it pulled out to the bare minimums with just the vocalist and piano accompaniment? Powerful. I tend to enjoy the acoustic version more than the electronic version, actually.
  • See What I’m Sayin’? by Boney James. This one moves me literally — I’ve been known to bounce around in the car to this upbeat, uptempo jazz arrangement. If I’m in a bad mood, I can play this once and instantly turn it around. (Yes, this song was once on The Weather Channel.)
  • If Only by Ryan Farish. Yes, another Weather Channel song. There’s something about the piano in the song’s chorus that just riles me up. The song does dramatic pretty much perfectly. Sure, it may not be the most technically challenging song in the world — I can play most of it on the piano and I suck at piano — but it’s still an intense song that gets me focused.

There’s plenty more where that came from, too — but there’s something to be said for brevity, after all. :) Now, I turn the question to you — what songs move you?

A week’s worth of recapping

This past week marked the return to classes at the College. Because of my new job, I’m taking an abbreviated, part-time course load — and honestly, I like the way the classes break up my workday. Because my job no longer involves me going out of the office except for lunch, it’s nice to be able to still get out there every once in a while and trudge my way through thousands of students trying to get to where THEY need to go, too.

The real shocker in the first week of classes isn’t necessarily the classes — no, it’s the throngs of PEOPLE. Charleston effectively adds what, 7,000 at least to its population when classes resume? I definitely feel that when I’m walking by the King Street Subway and see a line 20 deep. I’m sure I could just tell the line that I’m Jared and cut through, but I digress. I get so used to the city and the campus being relatively deserted in the summer months…and then BAM! Oh well — it’s cool to see people back. These days, most of my friends live in Charleston year round, but it was nice to see a few people return from their hometowns.

Last Saturday I saw Superbad with the roommates. It was grotesque, outrageous, and oh, so hilarious. It’s a must see. (Leave the kids at home.)

Ryan Farish came out with some more tracks — it seems as if he’s getting back to that 2002 sound. I’m loving every minute of it, and highly recommend it. I’m getting them through his SNOCAP store on his MySpace page. (A topic for another day: How MySpace Effectively Destroys Attempts at Good Grammar Simply Through Its Name.)

Dean was a monster storm. Cozumel and Cancun sure dodged a bullet, though, didn’t they? Whew. Houston — and the rest of the Midwest, rather — got a little too acquainted with Erin, though. We would have gladly taken that rain off their hands — they certainly didn’t need it, as the flooding shows. The tropics are settled down a bit but it’s that time of year where things can just kick up and get going — and have a lot of time to grow. Keep an eye out. I love how Weather Underground is now tracking not only the defined tropical systems but also the Invests — pre-classified disturbances that the Hurricane Center watches closely for development. Previously, you had to dig around NOAA’s site to get at that stuff, so Weather Underground exposing it is a huge help.

I may redo a few things around the site in the next couple weeks. I need a new header picture (my hair hasn’t been that shaggy for months now) and I think the post interface could use a bit of work (and standardization, for that matter). We shall see. I’m off to hit the showers and the bookstore to get a refund on a book that was incorrect. Peace…


  • I survived the first day back from Spring Break. It was altogether uneventful; with only one class on Monday and Friday, it’s not too bad. Today is really going to be the first real test.
  • My BlackJack’s case came in. I’m not sure if I’m sold on it yet. While the fit is snug, and works fine with the extended battery cover, it seems to bury itself fairly deeply into the case. Seems like this case is meant more for a Q, which is just ever so slightly wider than the BlackJack.
  • I just finished going through the entire Ryan Farish catalog tonight. It’s going to take a LOT of Incubus or some other band to knock him off the top of my last.fm charts this week.
  • I might have something nifty to announce later today — it all depends on a few lingering outside factors. I’m hoping I’ll be able to, though. (No, I’m not running for president. I…erm…can’t. :))
  • I think I’ve successfully tired myself out enough to go to bed now…and wake up in three hours. Yay.

Catch you all later today…

Other things of note…

In addition to fawning over Office 2007, I’ve had a few other things going on that are worth noting. Here’s two more nerd items and then some general real life things…

  • I’m now running Windows Vista Business Gold, build 6000, at work. The differences between RC2 and Gold are mainly visual in nature, but things also seem much smoother just in general operation. It doesn’t really handle like a beta anymore, which is pretty fantastic. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s faster than XP about some things, and that says a lot. I’ll have more of a full review in the coming days, as the driver situation begins to shake out a bit more. I was also able to install the newly-minted gold version of Office 2007 Enterprise Edition as well. Performance is much improved. Office 2007 is one of the best software packages to ever find its way out of Redmond, and they managed to keep it small enough to fit on a CD, to boot.
  • This weekend I decided to switch back to using iTunes 7 for sending files to my iPod versus Winamp’s functionality. It seemed Winamp had totally mislabeled the songs from Ryan Farish’s Beautiful album, so listening to a song from Beautiful was certainly an act of mystery, as I had no clue what I was going to get. After firing up iTunes, it prompted me to upgrade my first-generation Nano to software version 1.3. Bug fixes, better standby times…hey, why not? I proceeded with the installation. Things got off to a fairly inauspicious start, with the whole downloading of the software from the Apple servers and the like going smoothly. iTunes told me that it was going to initiate the installation, and that the iPod would restart a couple times. Then, an endless progress bar. I gave it a few minutes, and then got frustrated. I hit The Google™ and promptly found instructions to unplug the Nano, give it five seconds, and re-plug it in, and the update would resume. So, that’s what I did…and the upgrade proceeded. Sweet, I thought, until the Nano restarted and my system promptly started locking up, unable to recognize the device as an iPod. Greaaaaaaaaaat. Sure enough, after fighting with Windows to let me remove the device safely, I checked out the iPod and promptly saw that my playlists, tracks, etc. were, erm, gone. Lovely. Upon plugging it back in, the Nano rebooted again. This became a fairly common occurrence. So, once again I hit The Google™ and stumbled on this thread at PlanetAMD64, which turned out to be solid gold. After sticking the iPod in recovery mode as per the instructions, I was able to format the damn thing, restore the software to a properly working state, and get on with my day, restoring my files…in Winamp. :P Winamp 5.3 fixed a few things with iPod support, I think, because it’s working a lot better now. So, yet again, screw iTunes. :) I’ve got a bit more of an eclectic mix on there now (didn’t include all three CDs of Trammell Starks’s Music For Local Forecast this time around) and I quite like it. The software improvements in version 1.3 are nice, too, with a maximum volume limiter, improvements to battery life, and better responsiveness coming from standby. Too bad it was such a bitch to install, though. I’ve got to redo my playlists but that’s a task for Thanksgiving.
  • Microsoft seems to have fixed a very annoying issue in one of its recent patches (likely the MSXML patch): I was freaking out for a month because it seemed like every few clicks, it would register as a double-click, sometimes really fouling things up for me. Thanks, MS.
  • The forecast for the rest of the week: Crappy, icky, terrible cold rain. I absolutely abhor this type of weather, especially around Thanksgiving. I can’t remember having a rainy Thanksgiving in forever. Stupid coastal low, “sou’easter”, whatever. I heard rumors this morning that there would be some snow this weekend but I can’t find anything that suggests we even have a chance at that. Maybe in the mountains…who knows. It most definitely won’t be here.
  • I’ve been digging back into Ryan Farish’s back catalog recently, with an opportunity to hear some of his rare works from his mp3.com days. There are so many songs that are out there that he should repackage and sell in a Selected Works Super-Duper XPanded release. “Healer” is most definitely one of those tracks that needs to live on. Pure Farish musical goodness in that one.

Catch you guys during the day tomorrow…I’m sure I’ll find something to harp on. :)

I must be a fan…

So I was going through my burned CDs, and found several CDs that were burned but unlabeled. I was feeling a smidgen adventurous, so I decided to put them in my car.

I’ve gone through all of them now, and this is what they ended up being:

1) Ryan Farish – Selected Works
2) Ryan Farish – Everlasting
3) Ryan Farish Mix CD
4) Unreadable (probably an MP3 CD from when I was driving the Cougar and had that sweet-ass radio)
5) Foo Fighters – In Your Honor (Disc 1)
6) Ryan Farish Mix CD #2

So that’s Ryan Farish about four times. The song “If Only” (my favorite Farish tune) opened both discs 3 and 6, and was also track #3 on Selected Works.

I guess it’s no accident I’ve listened to Ryan Farish over 3,000 times since October.